Is possible to have a healthy pizza?

I am eating better and really miss pizza. Obviously a sliver of a normal slice of pizza would not have many calories but I am envisioning something more substantial than that. Is it possible to have something healthy and filling that you could eat a few slices of with little (no?) guilt and it still be called a pizza?

Looking more for Pizza you can order but simple recipes are okay.

Well, I maintain that there is no such thing as an unhealthy food item, just an unhealthy diet. So you can eat occasional “bad stuff” such as fast food, pizza, soft drinks, etc - as long as you balance it with lots of good stuff: minimally processed, high fiber food. When I was younger I had a terrible sweet tooth, but I joked that it was OK to eat a pint of full-fat icecream, or three cream cheese danishes, once in a while as long as I also ate tons of fruits and vegetables and unprocessed legumes because all that fiber made the sugary crap flow through my system too quickly to settle on my thighs. :smiley: (I actually think there is merit to this - it’s worked for me, anyway.)

I suppose whole-grain crust would be good. And adding good-for-you things like sardines and anchovies, lots of sliced fresh tomatoes or spinach.

Or just a balls to the wall pizza once in a great while. Just eat a bunch of veggie/lower fat/kale/beans and legumes/natural/home-cooked meals in between to compensate.

My favorite pizza has tomato slices, onion, green pepper, black olives and mushrooms.
If it was on a whole wheat crust and you didn’t go crazy with the cheese I would certainly call that veggie bomb healthy.

Eating healthy allows you to have the occasional couple of slices of pizza. Put a whole bunch of veggies on it if you want to offset the guilt a bit.


Pizza, bad?!? No way!!!

All four of your basic food groups potentially in one sitting (tomatoes are fruit), with minimal adulteration (just the preservatives in the sausage and pepperoni). Drizzle some EVOO on top, and you don’t even have to worry about cholesterol from the cheese.

My God, that sounds good! I haven’t made pizza in ages. Maybe this time next week… :o

Word. Of course, there are more-nutritious and less-nutritious food items, but eating less-nutritious food occasionally, as you point out, has no significant bad effect on your health.

As for pizza, Lean Cuisine and other diet brands make reduced-fat versions that have fewer calories than regular, but perhaps the thing to do is just get into the habit of treating yourself to a couple of slices of ordinary pizza once a week or so.

Well, what is it that worries you about the pizza? If it’s the carbs/white bread component of the dough, you could experiment with cauliflower crust. If it’s the cheese, try a vegan cheese substitute, or just load up with veggie toppings instead.

Unless you live in a big city with tons of specialty options it’s going to be fairly difficult to come up with anything you can order that will meet all of your requirements. So you can get comfortable with chowing down on pizza once in a while as long as it’s not 2/3 of your diet, or you can get experimental in the kitchen.

pizza is a food group, of course it’s healthy.

try thin crust, less cheese or less pizza if those might be the problem.

there are pizza styles with little and no cheese.

I love pizza with a passion. I know you didn’t ask about frozen pizzas, but I’ve found the frozen Amy’s organic pizzas to be very good. They’re about 300 calories for a third of a pizza so when I go batsh!t and eat the whole thing over the course of a day, that’s not too bad. :o

Also the Kashi brand pizzas.

If “low carb” is your brand of healthy, you can slice up an eggplant (the long way) and toast the slices, then assemble your pizza toppings onto those before baking.

That’s it(zoid walks off to the kitchen to make pizza dough for tomorrows dinner)…

It’s essentially bread, tomatoes, cheese and toppings, so if you keep the cheese in check and choose lean toppings, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Pizza Margherita made by any good pizza place. If they used skim milk moz, even healthier.

I don’t think there is anything inherently “unhealthy” about pizza.

I rarely eat flour, and I’ve tried wheat/grain free crusts and cauliflower crust versions. They were OK, but I’d rather just have good pizza rarely than make some vaguely similar concoction.

If anything, the sauce is the thing that most limits my consumption.

Order your pizza but tell them to go “light on the cheese”. Ask them to increase the pizza sauce, which will boost the flavor. You won’t miss the cheese and you’ll have saved hundreds of calories.

Some pizzerias offer vegan cheese made from soy rather than dairy.

I order a veggie pizza and add pepperoni and canadian bacon.

I get more veggies that way, you see.

But, I realize that is more about taste than health.

Remember back when people thought wheat germ was good and smoking was bad? Now we know it’s just the opposite. [/Woody Allen movie reference]

Depends what healthy means for you. A lower-carb pizza is possible using an omelet “crust.” Quite good, too. You can put some flour or low-carb baking mix in that to make it more crust-like.

I love pizza but no longer eat like I used to, but every few weeks I will get a Papa Murphy’s (take and bake) thin crust pizza. They are so incredibly delicious, with tons of toppings, but really not bad on the calories- something like 220 calories a slice or so. I feel totally full on 2 pieces, and it’s a reasonable amount of calories for a meal.