Pizza with veggies, pizza with MEAT

I don’t often post here, and this might be a bit of a rant, but just wanted to get this Mundane and Pointless Stuff I Must Share off my chest. People who order veggie pizzas because ‘everyone likes it’ just drive me nuts.

So, the other night a big group of my family and friends went out for pizza. First off, the veggie folks (my sister, her family, a couple of my cousins) automatically turned up their noses. Pizza?!? Who want’s that crap? We should go to a good Italian restaurant (despite the fact we had gone to a series of pricy, snooty places all week and everyone just wanted something simple). I finally had enough and basically said that they could do what they wanted, but I was just going to grab a pizza and drink some beer (beer?!? :p). The veggie crowd were over ruled…pizza it was.

Ok, it’s time to order. We were just going to order some pizzas for the group and then share around. My suggestion was to get a pizza with sausage, pepperoni and extra cheese (my favorite), one or two with pepperoni only, one with cheese only (for the kiddies), and then a pizza or two with veggies (maybe one with mixed veg and meat). Nope, can’t have that…no one likes pizza with meat on it. Everyone LOVES veggie pizza. So, we needed to get a Greek pizza, 3 all veggie pizzas, the cheese pizza, a mixed veggie and meat and because I’m such an asshole, a sausage and pepperoni pizza…just to placate me (‘there will be a ton left over that will just go to waste…only you will eat that’).

The pizzas come out, and, as has been my experience just about every time I’ve been with a large group ordering pizzas, the pizza no one supposedly wants is the pizza everyone grabs. I got one slice of the pizza with meat and one of the slices with cheese (the pepperoni pizzas vanished like dew in the desert…gods know what happened to them, it was too quick to follow with the naked eye). There was plenty of the Greek and veggie only pizzas left though (in fact, at the end of the night we had a bit over a pizza and a half of that nasty shit still sitting there uneaten)…the mixed pizza didn’t go as fast, but it all got eaten in the end. When I called over the waitress to order a second sausage and pepperoni they attempted to shout me down…we don’t need that, we have plenty of this other stuff (which I didn’t want). Ordered that second pizza…and it was devoured just about as quickly (this time I was smart and also ruthless…I snagged two pieces before the pizza had even settled on the table).

Veggie people…please, try and understand. People will eat pizza with veggies on it (I won’t, but some folks will). But most people in my experience really, truly LIKE pizza with meat on it. Really. So, when you go out with a large group of non-vegan whack-a-dos, try and keep that in mind…and also, that there are traitors in our midst who, when no one is looking, will also snag the pizza with the meat on it if they think no one is looking. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the same with people who say they don’t want dessert and then sit and pick at mine, or who say they don’t want fries and eat half of mine.

I don’t like meat on my pizza and I hate pepperoni.

In my house it’s the opposite, everybody wants meat except me and my son. They tell us we can pick off the pepperoni but the taste still lingers. So we’ll get a cheese pizza for us and everybody dives on that.

People’s just weird.

Similarly, when you go out to get Chinese food and some people expect that everyone orders an entree but they all get shared among the group. I never did that until meeting my inlaws, and it was a cruel discovery when I, as the only vegetarian, suddenly found that I got just a bit of my food and no leftovers, while everyone else (non-vegetarians, all ordered meat but had to have some of mine too) was just fine. At future dinners at Chinese restaurants, I refused to share. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been at my company’s HQ quite a bit this year getting trained on some stuff. One of the perks of going in for this sort of thing is the free lunch. One of the days is always pizza. They usually get five or six pies. The meat pizzas get utterly devoured, and there are always slices left over from the veggie and supreme pizzas. I’d be more inclined to eat supreme pizzas if they’d stop putting black olives on them, the vile things.

It works both ways actually. When I go out for pizza with relatives, they all claim to eat meat and order just one veggie pizza, for me since I’m vegetarian, then the veggie pizza quickly vanishes due to everyone having a slice “for variety” or because they’re “on a diet”.

Yeah, I tend to see the opposite, that veggie pizzas (my preference) always go fast and there’s always pizza with meat left over. I refuse to consider the possibility that the veggie pizzas go so fast only because I’m eating them and I love pizza. It’s clearly because other people don’t know what they want.

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yeah, but you took longer than 30 minutes.

I am sorry, I simply don’t believe you. People who want meat on their pizza don’t “dive on” the plain cheese pizza. Unless you aren’t ordering a big enough meat pizza. lol.

I like mine with anchovies and onions. Screw everyone else!

I’ve been the only veg in the room when pizza was being ordered, so a small token veg pizza was ordered for me, plus 3-4 meat-tastic pizzas. And by the time I get to the table, guess what? Not a single slice of veg left and tons of meatza is available.

So I try to work toward ordering one of each, at least having an equal amount of carnivorous pizza vs. veg-iferous pizza.

When we go for pizza, it’s always always always pepperoni and sausage. Pepperoni and sausage. Pepperoni and sausage, forever and ever, amen. Someday Imma buying my own with onions, red and green peppers, and anchovies. There are dozens of pizza toppings available, but it’s always always always P & S. :frowning:

It’s even more fun in our family, where one step daughter and her family are vegans, meaning not only veggie but NO CHEESE! If we don’t order a special pizza for them then they get all bent out of shape, but half the time when we DO order a pizza for them they don’t even bother showing up and a whole pizza gets wasted, because no one else is going to eat that cheeseless crap.

Whenever we order for a large group, we always err on the high side with normal old pepperoni pizzas, and those are still always the ones that disappear first. It’s at the point where if we’re ordering six pizzas for a party with a dozen or so people, we’ll get 3 pepperoni, 1 cheese, 1 super-meat, and 1 veggie. We’ll almost always end up with a couple slices of veggie and a couple of cheese left over from that, and pepperoni is usually the first to run out. It’s just the easiest choice when you don’t want to try to do a specific order for each person in the room. YMMV depending on how carnivorous your normal group of friends is. :slight_smile:

You could, of course, shred some cheese on top of that fucker and pop it back in the oven for a minute, you know.

My experience has always been the opposite, and really that makes more sense.

Veggies eat veggie pizza, but don’t eat meat ones. Meaties eat meat pizza, but also eat veggie pizza. Everyone likes variety if possible.

So if we have four pizzas, two meat and two veggie, and everyone eats three slices, the meaties will eat two slices of meat and one slice of veggie. The veggies will eat three slices of veggie. The veggie pizzas gets swallowed up, and the vegetarians often get shortchanged because they don’t have the option to mop up the other team’s leftovers.

I’m going to guess in the OPs situation that the meat eating group was probably more weighted towards males and a little less likely to be watching their health, and you guys were probably more likely to be eating 3-4 slices each while the veggies were more likely to be in the 1-2 slice range.

As a compromise, I like the Round Table Veggie Gourmet pizza.

With Bacon.

This has been my experience not just at this get together though. When pizzas are ordered at work, it’s inevitable that the all veg or mixed veg and meat always have a lot left…while the pizzas that are either all meat or just cheese are always snarfed down quickly. I notice because I’m like an anti-vegetarian. I dislike vegetables, especially on pizza…to the point where I don’t even like to pick them off because the taste still lingers and ruins the pizza for me.

It’s funny how experiences can be so different though, that many of you have just the opposite problem. I can’t say I’ve ever, ever seen a situation where there was plenty of meat only pizza left while the veg pizzas were all gone.

Nothing in this thread makes a bit of sense.

I think some of it is that you get different “meat eaters” when it comes to pizza. There are a lot of people who want meat only, nothing else, on pizza, and so they won’t scavenge any of the other pizzas - maybe cheese once the meat pizzas are gone. Then you get the omnivores who would say meat pizza when asked and probably have a strong preference for the type of meat pizza they want, but grab a slice or three of something meatless as well once the pizza actually shows, just for variety.

I suspect you also get some people (reluctant dieters) who claim to want vegetable pizza but once they see the meat pizza slices, they’ll grab some of those.