Fast food surveys

More and more fast food places are seeking customer feedback by offering an incentive for taking a survey. There are two basic types of incentive, something like a free side or drink the next time you come in, or a chance at a bigger incentive, usually cash – $500 daily drawing!

Which would you prefer, the guaranteed drink or a chance for money?

Me, I take the instant gratification – well, the next trip – every time.

I fill out the receipt survey from Del Taco every time, because they give you a validation number good for $1 off your next purchase of $3 or more. Since I eat breakfast there regularly, it’s worth the 2 minutes online the survey takes.

I eat fast food maybe three times a year, and would never keep track of a coupon for more than a day or two. I’d pass on the survey.

IMO the various chance-to-win sweepstakes are pure scam because they’re not required to disclose that just 1 in 100,000 people win the $500 prize for an expected value of 1/2 of one cent for each player.

Whereas the value of an e.g. medium order of French fries may be 25 cents cost to the restaurant but is the full $1.59 or whatever the normal retail price is to you.

Now whether the survey is worth your time to earn $1.59 worth of fries is an individual choice. But it doesn’t take a math major to see that $1.59 is better than 1/2 a penny.

My groc store used to have a deal for a $5 off coupon usable on a future visit if you filled out a survey. I figured out how to do the survey in less than 2 minutes = $150/hr wage. Tax-free. I knew I was going to be back in the store again anyhow long before the coupon expired, so no chance of loss or extra effort required there. Sadly they discontinued this after about a 1 year run; apparently too many people had figured out what I had.

Forgot which restaurant, but I tried one online survey and the first question was for my email address. So I assumed surveys were just harvesting info for ads, and have ignored them since.

Dating myself, but the only item I’ve ever won in a contest was a CB radio.

Not quite fast food, but Sonny’s BBQ on line survey is worth $5 off your next purchase of $25, which is all too easy to spend on dinner for two. None of this “enter for a drawing” baloney. I’m looking at you, Walmart.

Is there good evidence that any of these effing customer surveys are useful tools for increasing retail sales?

I am constantly being asked to complete these dopey things, and being nagged to do so does not give me warm feelings about a business.

And yeah, I’d take a free drink over a chance to win a gazillion bucks

Yanno, if there was a thread something like, Do you prefer your partner be under 30 or older than 30 and somebody chimed in, “Neither – I’m an Ace,” I wouldn’t think it rose to the level of threadshitting, but it added nothing to the conversation.

Didn’t mean my answer to be a thread shit. I have seen surveys on receipts, and just meant to point out that if you don’t go there often, it’s useless to participate.

The Sonny’s survey seems geared more towards streamlining the operation. Questions like Did you dine in?, What time were you here?, How was the service?, Did you try such-and-such brisket?, How was the food?

The only gripe (and it’s hardly worth mentioning): you can only fill out one survey every seven days. Da noive! :smile:

I fill out the surveys…and always seem to forget to claim the reward. I just like surveys!

Before we got our new Prius, we practically lived from paycheck to paycheck off the BOGO Quarter Pounder surveys from McDonald’s. . We would never fail to answer those. Since the Prius, we don’t have to spend as much money on gas or car maintenance, so we’ve let restaurant surveys slide.

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I think an offer of a free drink or free fries would result in a more honest survey than a chance at winning money, because a lot of people will think that a response that favors the company might give them a better chance at winning.

I’m not 100% sure, but many of these survey winnings are loaded gift cards because I think there’s something illegal(?) about giving cash. So, yeah, fill out the Walmart survey and you get entered in a drawing for $1000 GC. Whoopee! Gimme the free dessert at the BBQ joint, any time.

For me, it depends. If it’s a 2-for-1 special, I’ll pass, but a free drink? Sure, and maybe I’ll use it and maybe I won’t.

If it’s a cash prize, I’m personally much more likely to participate even if the odds are lower.