Fastidious ants from the future

I just read the staff report on Ants. I have but one question. Today is April 14, 2006. How did Staffer Doug write his column on April 20, 2006?

A comment on the report, when I was a child, our neighbor, who came west on a wagon train as a child, (she was over 100) said that ants were one of the insect treats the children were given in the evenings. They were cooked in frying pan over the fire. She said they tasted sweet, where as grasshoppers were nutty. :dubious:

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I’m on the mailing list, that’s where I read it. Maybe I just liked the idea of ants from the future. :smiley:

As do I. In fact, it might be fair to say that I welcome our anticipated insect overlords.

OK, regardless of their commitment to cleanliness, there is still the issue of ant poop. For that reason alone, don’t eat the cookies!

You eat bee vomit, why not ant poop? Given their habits it’s likely to be cleaner than almost anything else you eat anyway.

I read that article and was surprised the Master didn’t mention the Lancet Fluke, a little parasitic worm who mindcontrols ants in order to complete its life cycle.
Here’s a cool description . Admittedly, humans are not known to be an host for these worms, and even if they were, you’d have to eat the ant raw to get them. But still. Who can pass up the opportunaty to talk about brain controlling parasites?

They all taste like chicken to me.