Fat America

I spent the weekend at Disney World.

Everywhere I looked I saw massively obese sausage-like people. Swollen ankles, lumpy thighs, triple chins. Huge overhanging bellies, sweaty puffy fat faces, waddling and electric scooters. And lots and lots of eating going on, while walking, while sitting, while riding.

I’m svelte and nimble! I may be a bit creaky with my arthritis, but wow I’m thin at 140lbs.

Thin is the odd one out, I’d say that overweight is definitely the majority. And this isn’t just older folks either, it’s all ages.

I was amazed, to say the least. Granted, I don’t get out much, but I really had no idea how fat we had gotten here.

Guess you don’t frequent Wal-Mart much.

No, I don’t! Is it the same?

Good grief. Glad I don’t shop much.

I had a friend who spent 6 months in India. When she got back her comment was “back to the ‘Land of the Fat People’.”

“Sausage-like people,” ha ha! That is too rich. Anyway, yeah, Americans are fat. And? This isn’t new, is it?

No, I guess not - but I think it’s notable because fat people seem to be the majority now.

You know what’s weird? I am a fat person. I’m pretty large. And I go out and I swear to Og all I see is thin people. Not in a weird grossed-out way like you do but all I see is people who are not only smaller than me but all “normal-sized” or even thin.

And all my friends, they’re “normal-sized” too. In fact, two of my friends are dangerously under-weight.

And it’s not like I’m in Beverly Hills or anything. I’m in the Cleveland area!

One time I went to a little fair in West Virginia and was pleasantly surprised that there were a lot of fat people there. Like, I totally noticed that I wasn’t the only one. My friends noticed too.

So I dunno…I mean I know that the news says “everyone is fat” but I’m fat and I keep looking for others like me and I don’t find them. You’re thin and you find yourself to be thinner than everyone else. I think it’s just a matter of perception. We’re seeing what we want to see.

I’m really not that thin, and I notice a lot of large people all the time. I am actually surrounded, right this second, by two very fat people. Of the 12 people in my office, 5 of them are overweight, two of whom are beyond morbid obesity.

Same here, but I’m not sure it’s a matter of perception. I wonder if it’s more demographic. Disney-goers and WalMart shoppers are probably not a representational cross section of Americans.

Other than me, everyone in my office is in great shape.

I work for bariatric surgeons.

What is even more frightening: law enforcement and firemen-they are all overweight.
I don’t know hos someone with a lot of extra pounds can be expected to drag a heavy hose of climb a ladder.
Now I understand why the USA is facing a diabetes epidemic.

Yeah, my company is insurance/financial services. Lots o’ fatties. And if you’re thinking of a bunch of well-fed middle aged folks here, one of the two morbidly obese coworkers is a 28 year old woman.

Its because thinner people tend to get trapped in your gravity and the gravity from fatter people cancel out! :wink:

Just kidding of course. I could stand to lose some pounds myself :smack:

Yeah, I’ve been hovering at a BMI of 30.00000001 for the past year.

We were out in WI-MN for Thanksgiving and I was astounded by the tonnage on the hoof out there. All that fast food and buffet tables, I guess. I’ve lost 30 pounds and am still conscious of being a bit too heavy at 224; but compared to those folks, I’m slim and trim. Portlanders are generally very fit; it’s a motivator.

I blame The Economy. No, seriously, all people can afford is crappy food, and everyone’s all bummed out, so they eat comfort food, and lots of it.

Why do people always say that? Junk food may be cheap for a quick snack, but buying real food at the grocery store for dinner isn’t cost prohibitive as opposed to fake food. You don’t have to go to your local organic market where you pay the 200% fancy food mark-up. Rice, vegetables, chicken leg quarters, pasta, all very cheap at your local chain grocer.

From everything I read, obesity has been on a trend for a decade at the least. The economy was booming in that time, so I don’t think the economy has anything to do with it.

You know that, and I know that, but Jane Sixpack while shopping for her family probably has never tried to compare prices between the crap she usually buys and cooks and good, healthy food.

Yeah, I know that, too - it’s trendy to blame everything on The Economy. :slight_smile: