Father Guido Sarducci and other little remembered SNL characters.

Left work today with an “Arrivederci, America!” and no one knew who I was imitating. Not even the people older than me. Which led to me missing my bus because I got into a conversation about SNL characters that few remember.

It killed me that quite a few remembered the Making Copies guy but only me and one other person remembered Candy Slice. How can you not remember Candy Slice?!!

Now I’m wondering about great characters that I don’t remember. Any you liked but are little known?

Lazlo Toth

For those who don’t know, Candy Slice.

I forget their names, but I LOVED the fey 17th century guys.

Candy Slice was my absolute favorite Gilda character.

And Lazlo was only a pen name - he never actually portrayed Lazlo, did he?

Do puppets count as characters? Anyone remember Scred and the other critters from the Land of Gorch – the only video I could find was Scred singing with Lily Tomlin.

Lazlo/Guido Sarducci were both aliases of Don Novello.

My favorite forgotten SNL character were Scred, Ploobus, Peuta, and The Great Favog of the Land of Gorch sketches. Adult Muppets (and yes, Jim Henson was involved, at least at the start). Scred’s duet with Lily Tomlin was one of the greatest moments of the show.

I also liked Michael O’Donoghue’s odd bits (one of the original Not Ready for Prime Time Players, though quickly dropped).

Irwin Mainway. “This is a fun little product we like to call Bag o’ Glass!”

Theodoric of York: Medieval Barber

I’m just here to cheer for da Fadda.
Miss that guy!

Mr. Mike and his evil stories for children … like “The Little Engine that Died”.

invisible pedestrian!!!

Mr. Robinsons neighborhood
the devil-John Lovitz
I’m from jersey-Piscopo

Yep, I just wanted to see who would recognize the name - not an SNL character, but his “Letters from Lazlo” is one of the funniest books ever. A bit dated now .

I liked his impression of what Tony Orlando and Dawn would sound like if they had needles stuck in their eyes:


When I was 11 or 12, I literally fell off the couch laughing at Little Richard Simmons.

“Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute”

Don’t you mean the Mormon Tabernacle Choir?

Man, I sure miss him.

THANK YOU! I haven’t seen that in, must be almost 30 years, but I always remembered that last bit of the song.

The Herlihy Boy House Sitting Service
Matt Foley


You mean SNL was actually once good? It actually had funny skits and memorable characters?!