SNL - 6/28 - Rebroadcasting of 1st Show

Obviously being done as a George Carlin tribute, and that’s fine by me.

Four Carlin stand-up routines throughout the show, as well as Andy Kaufman’s “Mighty Mouse” cameo, Billy Preston and Janis Ian singing, and no Bill Murray.

But Michael O’Donoghue makes an appearance.

Does anyone remember Carlin’s second appearance (Season 10, musical guest Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Jim Belushi era)? No recollection.

Hey, thanks for the heads-up! Especially interested in seeing Janis Ian, since we just saw her in concert a week ago! We don’t even try to watch anymore and would’ve missed it. Is it at regular SNL time or are they showing it during prime time?

Yeah, I haven’t watched in years, so I’d have missed it as well. It’s on in its usual slot, 11:30pm on NBC.

All I remember from it is that after Don Pardo introduced Carlin they played the tape of his entrance on the first show ten years earlier. He commented on how much younger he looked (or rather how much older he now looks!)

Rest of the show was pretty unmemorable…

I’ll try to catch that.

Besides Carlin, all now dead: Michael O’Donoghue, Andy Kaufman, Billy Preston, John Belushi, Gilda Radner.

The very first show?
With the ‘feed you to the wolverines’ opening?

Still alive: DON PARDO!

“I would like…to feed your fingerteeps…to the wolvereenes. We are out of badgers”

Yeah, when he passes, snl will truly be over.

  • plots the death of Don Pardo *

I’m watching this now…and my initial thought is that George Carlin is the spitting image of Russell Crowe. Weird.

George Carlin is exactly as unfunny as I remember him. (I will never understand the appeal of that guy.)

It’s a shame the muppets aren’t on SNL anymore. I’m pretty sure Jim Henson must have been on acid during that sketch.

Well since someone already mentioned the people who have since passed away there’s also Jim Henson and (well at least he was mentioned) Gerald Ford.

Scred and Lily Tomlin sing “I Got You Babe.”

It feels weird watching it. I feel so old.
It truly was innovative and good when it started.

I thought the “Triple Track” razor (or whatever they called it) was prophetic. The Gillette on my sink has, uh, five blades.

“Because you’ll believe anything.” :smack:

Wow…did video look bad back then. We’re not talking about home video, but top-of-the-line network video. Amazing.

I agree. I love the illustration of how not the first blade pulls out the hair, the second one stops it from smacking you, and the third doest he cutting.

I remember laughing at the idea of a fourth blade, and we’re at 5 now. Is there a six-blader coming?