Faux Animals Songs

Songs that sound like they’re about animals, but aren’t. My favorite:

“Marmoset, There’ll Be Days Like This.”

Salmon Chanted Evening.

Johnny Cash’s “Walk the Lion”

September Gulls

Martha My Deer.

The Wompom

If you like it then you shoulda put herring on it.

Martha was Paul’s dog, so this is about an animal.

I get a kick out of ewe.

Baa Baa O’Riley

Anything sung by Elephants Gerald.

Or Piggy Lee.

Possum Kingdom

“Owl Be Home for Christmas.”

The old ram’s lament, “I know I’ll never find another ewe” (by the Seekers - yes, I’m old).

Darryl Rhoades, “Be Kind to the Animals.” Not really about animals…

“Gladly The Cross-eyed Bear”

Goldfrapp - Little Bird.