Favorite Adult Swim quotes

What are some of your favorite quotes from Adult Swim shows? Any show, ATHF, Venture Brothers, Stroker and Hoop, etc. ?

Another thread here reminded me of an old Episode of Sealab 2021, the Feast of Alvis. When he appears, the Captain is screaming “Crap!” because the feast was ruined. Alvis says:


“Why dost though gnash and weep and scream crap?”

“Drink with me deeply of the Bourbon Scotch and Rye until such time as we are fightin’ drunk. Then we shall find and beat the asses of the non-believers who ruined my feast.”
I’m also partial to all of the Mooninites Episodes of ATHF, particularly the one with the Foreigner belt.

Ignignokt: Our god is a god of vengeance. A god of hate.
Err: A god of action!
Ignignokt: Our god is an Indian who can turn into a wolf and-
Err: Dude, that’s Wolfen.
Ignignokt: Yes, well Wolfen will come for you, with his razor

Ignignokt: We’re going to sodomize our vast imaginations with this pornography.

Ignignokt: This pornography is infinitely excellent, this dresser, however, is not. Torch the dresser, Meatwad.

Ignignokt: Fryman, we’re full of religion now. Everyone, bow your heads and pretend to be serious
Ignignokt: We shall acquire some wine on the way to the mall, and then you can get tore up and pass out in the hot sun

Meatwad: Oh yeah baby, that’s a neat car she’s washing. You think that’s a straight 6?
Err: I think I have a straight 6.
Ignignokt: Ooooo. Err, your sexual innuendo is priceless.

Brock Sampson is a veritable fountain of quotes, actually all of the Venture Bros characters are. I can’t recall any specific ones at the moment but I know they’re out there.

I’m sure at least a few of you also appreciate this time block, even the best of us can appreciate some low brow humor once in a while right?

Bah…Harvey Birdman rules them all.

Peter Potamus: 'Dja get that thing I sent ya?

Phil Ken Sebben: I know this taste. Yes! Hippo grease!

Phil Ken Sebben: Ha-HA! <insert comment here>

(My personal favourite is ‘Ha-HA! Bi-curious.’)

Judge Mentok: MIND TAKING!

Mentok: I’m taking your mind…

Mentok: Ooo-weee-ee-ooo!

Mentok: Zombie Guards! Seize him!

(Mentok is better even than Phil.)

Peanut’s got a few good lines, too, but I’m blanking on any of them.

Hank: "What are you doing?

The Monarch: “Uh… giving your robot Chlamydia?”

The Monarch: How does it feel to be a liar, Hank? Hmm? Do you like being a liar, with pants constantly on fire?

At the wedding of the Monarch and Dr Gildfriend:

Dr. Venture: I wanna tell her that I love her, but the point is probably moot.
The Monarch: [pause] Are you reciting Jessie’s Girl?

Anything from the Monarch or Doctor Henry Killinger is pure gold.


“The Highlander was a documentary, and the events happened in real time!”

 -- Master Shake

From the Broodwich episode of Aqua Teen:

[Context: Master Shake finds an evil sandwich called the Broodwich. Every time he takes a bite, he is transported to another plane of existence wherein a thing with one eye chases him with an axe. At one point, Meatwad is transported to this realm as well.]

Master Shake [after Meatwad’s return]: Well, look who’s back! Did you have a fun time with that axe-murdering psycho?
Meatwad: Who? Jerry? Nah, Jerry’s not so bad once you get to know him. Real upstanding guy.
Master Shake: Bullcrap! I saw that guy! He had an axe and he knew how to use it in heinous ways!
Meatwad: Are we talkin’ ‘bout the same guy here? That don’t sound like Jerry at all. Now the Jerry I know, he took me to Merry Christmas [Pause]…which is a strip club! Merry Triple-X-mas… you see what I’m sayin’? You see what I’m sayin’?
Master Shake: Gimme that sandwich!
[Master Shake grabs the sandwich and disappears]
Frylock: Wow… so all that stuff really happened like that?
Master Shake: Hell no, that son of a bitch had an axe!