Favorite baked goods

Strudel - from a real bakery, made with butter flake pastry, not the grocery store poptart variety. Cherry or apricot

Cream puffs

Custard filled donuts - again, the bakery kind with egg custard, not whipped cream or pudding. And I prefer them glazed, not powdered or chocolate covered.

My Mom’s homemade dilly bread and potato bread.

Fresh Baked Bread
Cake (non-frosted)
cake donuts (plain or light icing - no powdered sugar)
Fruit Pies
Cream Cheese Danish

I try to keep intake of all the above to a bare minimum but alas I’m not always successful. A basket of fresh bread of dinner rolls at a restaurant will crush my will power, as will a platter of fresh baked biscuits. The rest of the list I can manage very well.

As for the Icing and Frosting - I’ve never been a big fan of either. Powdered sugar on donuts - gag me.

Fresh bread right out of the bread machine; nothing like it.

OTOH, from a bakery, bear claws. The supermarket cum bakery near me used to have good ones for a buck apiece, but lately they’ve been drizzling them with chocolate icing and no sliced almonds. Now, I like the chocolate-almond taste combination but bear claws are supposed to have white icing, and sliced almonds on top, dammit!

Anything non-sweet - bread, bagels, biscuits…

SHIT, I’m hungry!!!


Angel food cake, still warm from the oven.

And apple fritters.

A really great cake donut, such as that put out by Hy-Vee or similar midwest grocery bakeshops.

Apple pie. The crustier the pie, and the more lavishly shortened the crust, the better.

Bread pudding. Ai yi yi. Even when it ain’t that great…it’s great.

Vegan chocolate cake from a healthy food type store in Maui. My parents discovered it and I’m addicted to it (well, as much as one can be addicted to something they can only get once every few years).

On our honeymoon, my husband and I made a stop by the store on the way to the condo and bought an entire cake. I’m surprised I was able to make it last the entire 10 days.

On a more regular basis: apple pie baked by my dad. I make a pretty good one myself, but it’s always best when he bakes them

Really good pecan pie. And really good scones.