Favorite "Chuck" episodes

So I recently discovered “Chuck,” and became absolutely addicted. I know there are some Chuck fans on the board, so I was wondering, what are your favorite Chuck episodes.

My favorites are both from season 2, which I think is the strongest season.

#2 is Chuck vs. Santa Claus, the 11th episode of season 2. It had the perfect blend of humor, darkness, and surprising plots that I think are the best parts of Chuck.

#1 is Chuck vs. The First Date, the 1st episode of season 2. This episode was shockingly at eliciting an emotional response. The girly and I both agreed when we watched that we were actually scared for Chuck at the end, even though we knew Chuck couldn’t die because he was the main character. I really love the ending scene where Frightened Rabbit’s “The Twist” plays. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvYKhAvomPc

So anybody else want to discuss their favorites?

From the first season, “Chuck vs the Sandworm” really crystallized Chuck’s relationships with Ellie, Morgan, and Sarah. Plus we get to see Sarah wear a Slave Leia gold bikini outfit.

Also from the first season, “Chuck vs the Nemesis” sees the return of Bryce Larkin and the start of the Fulcrum storyline. The writing was quite tight on this one, with both the main plot and the Buy More plot very well integrated. Much like “Chuck vs Santa Claus”, I guess.

The second season episode “Chuck vs the Colonel”, Chuck and Sarah go AWOL to track down Chuck’s father. They ALMOST get it on in a motel. Chuck’s writers really liked to tease us and this was the ultimate one.

And of course, the second season finale “Chuck vs the Ring” had Ellie and Awesome’s epic ruined wedding, with Jeffster! singing “Mr. Roboto”.

The third season wasn’t quite as good, mainly because the writers contrived to keep Chuck and Sarah apart. That’s the heart of the show right there, and they took it away for most of the year.

For the fourth season, any episode with Volkoff is good, mainly because of Timothy Dalton’s performance.

Oh Chuck vs. the Ring is another great one. Featuring another of my favorite Chuck montages, Ellie’s wedding and Roark’s fate.


Chevy Chase looked like he really enjoyed playing that evil of a character.

I love the OC homage in Chuck vs. the Sandworm.

Chuck vs the Ring, the season 2 finale, is one my favourite episodes of TV ever, not just Chuck. The fight scene at the wedding is just perfect.

Chuck vs the Cougars, where they go to Sarah’s high school reunion, develops her character in an interesting way and shows that Nicole Richie actually can act.

Loved Bruce Boxleitner in “Chuck vs. the Ring” as Captain Awesome’s dad. “Why are you letting Sam Kinison and an Indian lesbian ruin your wedding?” Pretty sure this was the episode with the shot of him standing in front of the Tron poster in Chuck’s room. I cracked up when that came on and the kids and my wife looked at me funny, which led us to get and watch a copy of Tron, and a much greater appreciation for some of the geeky in-jokes that Chuck is peppered with.


I think it’s worth pointing out to any Chuck fans that http://www.thewb.com/shows/chuck has some season one Chucks, and that some season 4 are available at hulu.com and nbc.com.

The 4th season has been getting a little flak (and frankly, its not as strong as previous seasons) but there were still some good episodes in my opinion. Recently rewatched Chuck vs. the Coup d’Etat and really enjoyed it. Armand Assante is great as the exaggerated Castro caricature, and the giant statue of Awesome was hilarious. “Is giant marble me making you hot?”

A little off topic, but, Chuck has been picked up for a fifth season. Its a 13 episode season and will be the final season. Should be more than enough for them to bring the series to a satisfying conclusion.


My favorite - Chuck vs Tom Sawyer, because I am a huge Rush fan.

Awesome. One more season, especially since they know it’s going to be the last one, should wrap the series up nicely.

Chuck vs. The Fat Lady

Between Sarah dressed as an escort, the accidental phone call and overhead conversation in the duct work, the shower scene, and Casey hitting high C… I was rolling.