Favorite color purple: sign of a disturbed mind?

Everyone I know whose favorite color is purple is at least slightly messed up, from a complete narcissist to a raving psycho to a spineless brat who believes in fairies. My boyfriend was relieved that my favorite color is not purple, unlike all of his previous girlfriends (who needless to say all left something to be desired).


Well, I might not be the most conventional person in the world but I like to think I’m moderately stable. Actually, I’m one of the very few people I know who’s never had a nervous breakdown or been on anti-d’s. I have my issues but they’re pretty boring self-esteem stuff.

My favourite colour is purple (particularly lavender) and has been since I was a child, but I also like black and crimson.

I don’t have feelings about purple one way or the other, but when I was nearing the end of my degree in education and we were talking with an advisor about getting jobs, she told us not to wear purple or orange in a job interview because we would be seen as mentally unstable. She also told us not to wear red because that would make us seem agressive.

I’ve found the Luscher Color Test to be pretty accurate- try it and see what a preference for purple means.

Well, Prince and Donny Osmond like purple. Make of that what you will.

That pretty much settles the issue right there :smiley:

Seriously, I don’t know anyone who really likes purple all that much. My favorite color is blue, although I’m finding that I also like bright, bold colors like orange and red.

I don’t wear it well, due to my almost complete lack of coloring, but yes, purple is and always has been my very favorite color. My bedroom was lavender growing up. I’m pretty much all there, abused but not disturbed. So, I guess my response is that I find the ‘link’ inaccurate.

I did also want to insert the purple smiley, whose name is confused!

Damn, that’s a pretty good pop psychology test! It definitely pegged my current stresses and state of mind.

Anyway, purple is one of my favorite colors, along with green, and I think I’m pretty sane.

I immediately thought of a woman I know whose favarite color is purple. Her house is purple, she ony wears purple, her car is purple - well, you get the idea. She is a chiropractor who believes that she can cure the common cold. She once told me that she is “a very old soul. One of the oldest.” I had to walk away at that point because she was the friend of a friend and I didn’t want to offend.

Of course, this is a very small sample set…

Here at the SDMB we’ve had the Grapist (if you’re too new to remember the Grapist, ask and someone will explain), and we’ve had two posters who posted in purple. One was raisinbread with Location: PURPLEST PLACE ON EARTH and Interests: PURPLE AND RAISINS. She hasn’t been around for awhile. The other was Spongemom, who initially posted in purple but stopped after several people explained their objections.
As far as I know, there has never been a poster who consistently posted in a color other than purple.

When it comes to favorite colors, lavender is not the same as purple. Lavender is a lovely color. Purple is disturbing for some reason, and I say that even though I work for a company whose well-known logo is purple and orange.

I am not a big fan of purple in large amounts–it’s very overpowering.

That test was spot on–scarely so.

The purple fans that I have met and known in RL all seem to have very large egos.

Just my two cents.

Lavendar and periwinkle are fine to me, but deep purple is a bit much. I know a nurse who painted the outside of her house deep purple–she was “odd” to say the least…

I think that color test just works from the same principals as astrology, it just says vague things that most people reading will agree with. Or did you all see that and I was wooshed real good?

I wondered about this as well. I was going to copy & paste some of the results, but the copy function was disabled.
Some of the results I got were very general and would apply to most people. On the other hand (and I have to paraphrase), the results I got said that I had very high standards and expected others to meet them as well, and that this put a barrier between me and other people. That is an incredibly accurate description of me, and I would guess not an accurate description of a lot of people. Then again, maybe most people think it does describe them.

I didn’t like that test because, to be frank, they didn’t really put attractive colors in there, to me. It was more of a “Pick the colors you dislike the least first.” There wasn’t a vibrant red or a deep red or a pink, or a sky blue, or anything. They were very blah to me.

I love purple, but everyone says I’m weird, so maybe it fits. :slight_smile: My favorite color is pink though; this is after years of teenage rebellion of hating pink; I guess I’m on the rebound. Purple is always up there, though.

That’s exactly me. I used to love purple and always had purple nails. (I remember one lady at the bookstore I used to work at who sneered "Purple? Who likes purple? :eek: It was very rude and weird.)

But now I’ve moved on to pink. Hated it as a kid 'cause it was so girly. But am finally old enough to realize, dang it, I am a girl and I can like pink if’n I wanna.

Still like purple tho’. My living room is done in mostly purple with some lime accents. Dunno if I’m disturbed tho’…

I have several items of purple clothing, includinga double breasted suit. People are always complimenting me on these items, although they also always say, “I could never wear purple.”

As for Faeries, well, thanks a lot for reminding me! :frowning:

Hm. Lavender different from purple you say? But it definitely is a shade of purple at any rate. (Maybe the fact that I have a shade as my favourite colour just means I’m queer. Especially that colour.) I also like several nearby colours, such as burgundy, dusty grape, magenta, and so forth.

I have several lavender dress shirts, but I only have one purple t-shirt. I have purple nail-polish, too.

Well, since I’m a Vikings fan…

Purple is my favorite color and I am a raving lunatic.

This is absurd, and I can prove it.

I don’t care for purple at all.