Favorite Jeopardy categories/bits

Browsing through an archive of past Jeopardy! games, I came across three things that really tickled me:

Two are Double Jeopardy category stacks. One was:

Sean Connery
Surprise Me, Trebek!
(not, as Alex noted, The Rapists)
Things You Don’t Want to Put in Your Mouth
The Number After 2
Rhymes With Dog


Monty Python
Bring Out Yer Dead
Summarizing Proust
I’m a Lumberjack
The Knights Who Say “NI”!

And finally, an old April Fool’s Day show in which Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek switched roles. The Jeopardy round categories referred to Wheel of Fortune. The Double Jeopardy ones all had the word “April,” “Fool,” or puns thereof. The Final Jeopardy category:

Amateur Trinidadian Ichthyologists

Anyone remember any others? :smiley:

When Will Ferrel recently guest hosted:

Japan U.S. Relations or as Connery elegantly put it, " I’ll take Jap ANUS Relations, Alex!"

I’m talking about the actual show, not the SNL sketches (which are very funny, but already had a lot of threads about it). :smiley:

I really loved a few of the categories in the finals of the Ultimate Tournament of Champions. The “Before, During and After” (as opposed to the occasionally chuckle-worthy “Before and After”) had some great answers. The only one I remember now is now included in my live journal. The question was something like “Peter Pan’s home in Alaska with this intergalactic Arkestra.” I was stunned and amused by the obscure references.

Answer: “What is Never-Never Land of the Midnight Sun Ra?”

I remember another “Before and After” - I do like those things - where the category made it clear that politics would be involved. Before anyone read a clue, I yelled “O. Henry Kissinger!” And that was the answer to the $600 question.

I miss the Foreign Phrases category. I haven’t seen it in a long time.

My favorite category was, “The Simpsons.” I was 12 at the time, and I got everyone of the answers right.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Jeopardy! But one of my favorites was when the category was “Sand”, and the clue was 10[sup]3[/sup]. The question, obviously, was

What is a thou-Sand?

I’ve always loved the concept behind the categories that deal with imprecise measures ( i.e. a pinch of, a smidgeon of, a pocket full). The inherent contradiction in measures which sounds like it should be a precise amount and the approximation of the amount in the thing being measured.

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During the recent Ultimate Tournament of Champions, they used the categories from the Cheers episode when Cliff went on the show (in no particular order except the last one):

Stamps around the World
Civil Servants
Mothers and Sons
Bar Trivia

and finally . . . Celibacy