Not sure if this is "artistic" enough, but... Jeopardy! help requested!

I read that about a month and a half ago, Jeopardy’s second round had the following categories:

Sean Connery
Surprise Me, Trebek!
The Number After Two
Things You Shouldn’t Put In Your Mouth
Rhymes with “Dog”

Just hearing about it, of course, was hilarious. But what I’m dying to know is this: because this was Double Jeopardy, the REAL show, what sort of questions were asked? Heck, anyone got a tape I could negotiate for? Anyone see this? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

IIRC, at about that time, Jeopardy! was running it’s little kid tournament.

So some, none, or all of those categories could have possibly been during the pre-teen tourney.

You could have real Jeopardy questions with those categories, though… “Things you shouldn’t put in your mouth” could be about identifying chemicals, with the theme that they are all toxic.

That Alex Trebek is such a wacky character. He seems straight laced, but I saw him as a celebrity guest on Card Sharks back in the 70’s (I saw it recently on gameshow network) and he was a real goofball. I almost didn’t recognize him, being younger and acting like an idiot. Yet that voice was a dead giveaway.

This was from a Saturday Night Live skit a couple years back. I think the “contestants” were John Travolta, Sean Connery, and Burt Reynolds, as played by various SNL cast members.

Sean Connery: The Rapists for 400, please.
Trebek: Mr. Connery, that’s therapists, nor the rapists.

Jokes like that.

Yeah, JSexton has it right… the point was to illustrate how dumb some celebrities can be, so the questions were very easy. They’ve done different versions of this premise (hilarious every time) with such Final Jeopardy answers as, “Write down where you are… it could be “in a studio”, it could be “in America”, just write down where you are…” and “Write something. Just write anything at all… please, for the love of God…”

Something funny I found though, speaking of Jeopardy, is a video clip of Alex Trebek cursing his way through some advertisements that obviously ended up on the cutting room floor. If you have Real Player, check it out here.

Yeah, the Celebrity Jeopardy gag has been done many different times on SNL; I assumed that the OP meant that a recent Jeopardy episode had actually used those categories as a nod to the parody.

I always liked Norm MacDonald as Burt Reynolds.

Burt: “My buzzer’s broken.”
Trebek: “No, it’s not.”

Although Sean Connery is great.

Trebek: “Welcome back to Jeopardy and let me remind our contestants, please refrain from using racial slurs.”

Connery: “You think you’re so smart Trebek, with your greasy hair and dago mustache.”

Trebek: “What did I JUST say?”


From the site DooWahDiddy linked to, One episode of Celebrity Jeopardy!

Sean Connery: The day is mine! I’ll take Famous Titties for 400.
Alex Trebek: Titles, Famous Titles.
Sean Connery: Damn!
Alex Trebek: And the answer is: This movie title is taken from the name of the book “Gone With The Wind.” Mr. Sean Connery.
Sean Connery: Dolly Parton!
Alex Trebek: Titles, Mr. Connery. Not titties.
Sean Connery: Not a fan of the ladies, are you Trebek?
The Final Jeopardy scene is funny as hell.

As much as I love the SNL Jeopardy sketches (especially the ones with Norm Macdonald) alas, it is mostly just a ripoff of a classic SCTV sketch series, “Half-wits.”

Norm McDonald as Burt Reynolds was hilarious! My favorite Celebrity Jeopardy was the one with French Stuart, Burt Reynolds(Turd Ferguson), and Sean Connery:

Burt Reynolds: Yeah, I speak a little French. “You’re an asswipe!”, pardon my French!

French Stuart: My name is French!

Burt Reynolds: Yeah, who gives a damn.
Does anybody know why they always make Sean Connery hate Alex Trebek? Did he really act like that to him one time?

Getting back to the original post, Yue Han is right, those were the Double Jeopardy! categories on the September 5, 2001, show. The questions were typical, with few surprises.

Surprise Me, Trebek! was a potpourri category.

“The Number After 2” was a confusing little category in which a number in the twenties was clued and the player had to give the digit that came after the 2. For instance, the Daily Double in the $800 row was “The number after 2 in the next prime number after 19.” The correct response would have been “What is 3?”

The players had no real trouble with the material. It should also be noted that when Alex read the category name “Therapists” he added “not ‘The Rapists’.”

I doubt I still have it on tape, Leaper, but I can check, if you’d like to see it.


To which the punchline was Connery wrote down what looked like “indoors” only to show when revealing the “wager” portion of the screen that the full answer was “I (heart) boobs.”