Favorite lines in foreign languages

The Seinfeld finale aired the night before my Spanish final in college. Because of that I always think,“No sopa para Usted!”

What are some of your favorite TV/movie lines in a foreign language?

The formal, to deny soup? Hmm. I don’t think I quite grasp what you’re asking, mostly because I don’t know if the line on Seinfield was actually in Spanish on the show or not. Are you asking what people’s favorite lines are that were spoken in another language, or to translate a favorite line into a otro idioma?

“¿Sabe lo que está poniendo en nuestros cuerpos? La muerte. deliciosa con sabor a fresa muerte!”

I’m asking: translate a favorite line into a foreign language.

The incredibly sexy Isabelle Huppert correcting the French pronunciation of “le force” in “I Heart Huckabees”.

Mi aerodeslizador esta llanado con anguillas.

June Cleaver speaking Jive, in Airplane: