Favorite Movie Theater Candy?

When I was a lad, there were a few concession counter items that were my favorites:

Jujubees:[ul]This hard gelatin candy was long lasting and that gave it high marks to begin with. A variety of flavors was just icing on the cake.[/ul]Jujyfruits:[ul]The original Gummi Bears of their time. I especially liked these because they had licorice flavored pieces. However, this was negatively offset by the presence of mint ones.[/ul]Charms:[ul]Another hard candy that had staying power. Again, an assortment of flavors helped the small package size a lot.[/ul]Milk Duds:[ul]Chocolate and caramel. What’s not to like about good old Milk Muds? Well, besides the fact that the chocolate was made with 40W motor oil.[/ul]Necco Wafers:[ul]Sheer quantity overcame any aversion to such weirdness as the “chocolate” flavored pieces. Any pack of candy containing dozens of pieces made for theater going fun.[/ul]Sugar Babies:[ul]These dentist pleasing pseudo-caramel candy drops made for a sore jaw after eating an entire bag. It’s hard to imagine anything better for keeping a kid quiet during a movie.[/ul]

I also seem to recall a large nubble surfaced lollipop made by Charms as well. Anyone else remember these? I made one of them last all the way through a first run screening of “Ben Hur.*” So, what were your favorite movie candies when you were a kid? Or, right now, for that matter.

  • Because I ate the stick too.

Whatever is stuck to the bottom of the seat in front of me. I’m stingy.

Snowcaps! I love a good dark chocolate, and this one’s crunchyesque.

Second choice: Junior Mints. Again, dark chocolate, and I love mint, but a tad too gelatinated and never enough in a box.

Peanut M&M’s are my crack cocaine.

Milk Duds. You have to spend half the movie cleaning the remains out of your teeth with your tongue, but that’s half the fun.

Twizzlers. Them and Raisinets.

I miss those. All that’s available here are seaweed chips, pringles, peanuts and beer.

I thought you were supposed to let your date do that. I guess I’ve just gone out with too many dental assistants.

Dang, Zenster:
I remember those charms suckers too! Much larger than the “blow-pops”. My theatre had a vending machine that sold them 3 for a quarter (No, I’m Not THAT old!). Using red
licorace vines as straws for your soda, was a goody too. I also remember my favotrite theatre also used to keep frozen snickers, and 3 musketeers…Yummy on a hot day.

Twizzlers. The ability to bite the ends off and use them as a straw is still amazingly fun for me…I don’t know why. I guess it’s just the simple things in life that make me happy.

Peanut M&Ms and Popcorn are a good combo meal as well. Combine the two into a single handful, and you’ve got yourself some good eats!

I like Junior Mints, but unfortunately they also make my drinks taste funny. I also like getting Sweet Tarts and Sprees.

Junior Mints

If I’m NOT having popcorn, then I want Sour Patch Kids.

If I am having popcorn I don’t usually have candy too, but Snowcaps or Goobers (or sneak in some Brach’s Stars)…the plainer the chocolate the better.

Junior Mints or Milk Duds, interspersed with handsful of buttered popcorn.

Jujy Fruits. I’m disappointed that they changed the green ones from mint to lime, tho. And Hot Tamales. I’m a cinnamonaholic.

I guess I’m the only one that liked Lemonheads. Nice and sour, enough so that I ate them only one at a time. Those mini-Jawbreakers were great, too. A nice flavor and could be sucked on for hours. Stopped getting them after accidently dropping them on the floor and hearing them roll down the length of the movie theather for the next five minutes, and every so often hearing them again as people moved a foot or bag.

Now… it’s diet Coke and no candy. Damn diabetes…

Yet another vote for Jujyfruits. My god, those things are great. They’re worth cleaning out of your teeth for the next half hour.

My personal faves, though, are Raisinets. I could eat a pound of those without even thinking about it. Mmmmmmm raisins and chocolate…

Raisinets. For some reason, I never think to eat these outside of a movie theater, but if I’m having candy at a show, this is what I want.

I love Twizzlers. I’m a cheapass so I usually try to sneak in a bag rather than get ripped off at the counter.

I am shocked, no one has said M&Ms. Gotta have the M&Ms to dump in the popcorn.

I never used to eat anything during movies. No candy, no popcorn, nothin’. I still don’t, usually; I’m focused on the film. Sometimes a drink.

But nowadays, I may occasionally get something. When I do, it’s either (a) Red Vines or (b) Reese’s Pieces. Never both.