Favorite painter for decorating

I just moved into a house for the first time and I am looking for inspiration of decorating.

I found this thread and it has given me lots of inspiration.

The reason I am creating this thread is because I am wondering who your favorite painters are when it comes to decorating your own homes. Do they differ from your favorite overall?

For example some paintings may be very dark and dramatic, so you may prefer looking at them in a gallery, but not in your own living room.

I see now that I posted this in the wrong forum. It was meant for Cafe Society.

We have a number of prints by Kenneth Koskela - 6 large and 5 small. Yeah, we like his work.

How can you go wrong with French Impressionists?

A print of The Fourth Estate by Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo hangs in our place, not least because the lead striker looks a lot like my partner’s grandfather. Then we try to buy oils and acrylics from local artists when we’re out and about to capture moments and places we’ve shared

Yeah, I prefer to buy original art from living artists when I can. If you build a collection over time, it’s not terribly expensive. There are lots of online sites now, but I used to get pieces on vacation or from local festivals/art shows.

My problem now is not enough wall space.

As far as home decorating, much depends on the decorator’s tastes, as well as the spaces where the proposed art will hang. That said, I find that a lot of Japanese art – portraits and nature studies - is very suitable for home decorating purposes, adding an exotic yet tasteful touch (assuming that is what you are interested in). Hiroshige, Hokusai and Utamaro are three of the biggest names, but there are many others by lesser-known talents of similar quality.

Good hunting.

Yes! I have four Kawase Hasui woodblock prints. If you want an “original” (i.e. not a photographic reproduction), his prints cost about half what the three you named would.

Here’s “Night Rain at Omiya”: