Things we'd like to have on our walls.

I would like to have a large highly detailed version of this on my wall. (click on the picture)
[sub](amongst the clothingly-challenged models of course. I am not completely sad)[/sub]
What would you like to have on your wall?

I’d like more original art on my walls. I only have four paintings, and honestly, I’d love to have one for every wall.

I’d also like a tapestry, much like the ones which used to decorate castle walls, but smaller, of course. I don’t know why-- I just want one.

I’d love to have original artwork - all I have now are some prints, and a framed antique quilt square. The quilt square is lovely, but the prints are just…prints. I like them, sure.
Tapestries sound neat - especially on the masonry walls in my apartment. Heck, colored paint on the walls would be great.

Someone I know works in a prison, and I buy art made by the inmates. Some of these guys are incredibly talented. (One painting I have is based on a picture from * National Geographic * of a waterfall. It’s gorgeous!) The paintings are incredibly affordable. I recently bought a 3X3 oil painting for $30.

I’d like to have a life-size X-ray of my own skeleton.

No contest.
a Feathercraft K1 and a National c. 1927 Style 3 Tricone Roundneck #0932, excellent, OH.

Shoot, I must have 23k around here somewhere…

A year ago I went to one of those Buy Cheap Art But They are Make with Real Oil Paints shows and bought some nice painting, like over half a dozen. Then a week ago I went and bought a couple more. So I guess I would like to just have those hung on my walls.

My excuse is that I have been remodeling the house and I think in a few days will finally finish with it. I got interupted in the middle! So MAYBE next weekend, but then again I might be able to procrastinate some more.

I would really enjoy a Keith Haring print.

I want several Lawren Harris paintings and some nice big black and white photos, preferably by a photographer friend.

I have a big celctic knotwork blanket up on my wall at the foot of the bed. It’s kind of like a tapestry, I guess.

Oh, yeah, and a friend of mine has a Monet print on a big silk scarf. She’s got it up on her wall. It’s beautiful.

A portrait of myself done by Lucien Freud in the living room.
A Schiele in the office.
One of Cassat’s “Mother and Child” paintings in the girls’ room.
The Three Stages of Woman by Klimt over the sideboard in the dining room.
A John Singer Sargent over the fireplace in the front room with My Wife, My Horse and Myself by Munnings by the settee.

Barring the above, what I’d really like to see on my walls is paint. As opposed to the present layer of crayola, play makeup and Lyle’s Golden Syrup.

Someone in France, IIRC, did this with their house and ever since I saw it, it’s something that I’ve wanted to do. They were friends with a lot of the great artists of the early 20th Century and they had them over for a house party. They gave each artist a wall, and let them paint whatever they wanted. Naturally, the house now is incredibly valuable simply for the artwork on the walls. I can’t think of a cooler way to decorate one’s house than to do something similar.

Once I get more time, I would spend a month and make some CG art like on the following pages:

  1. Sueng Ho
  2. Wiro’s Snowtrapper
  3. Pascal Marie
  4. DESKMan-ME
  5. Autumn Whisperlings
  7. MBotv5
  8. Castle Luminescence
  9. Guardians of lernes Thyres
  10. I can’t catch You
  11. Eye Witness
  12. Dead Man tells no Tale

or maybe photography

  1. Cold Shadow
  2. Frosty Morning
  3. Northern Reflections
  4. Ice Flower
  5. HUK
  6. Happy Winter

I’d love to have a Rothko picture on my wall - I saw some of his work in Tate Modern a couple of years ago and have been wishing every since!

Other than that, I quite like winter photography - trees and snow and stuff like that. There’s also a fantastic picture that my friend has on her wall, it’s of a frozen waterfall that she saw in Sweden. It’s just so eerie!

This painting always makes me smile. I want to put it over the dining room buffet but it might put some people off their feed. :slight_smile:

Paintings?! No, I’d like a collection of medieval swords and axes adorning my walls.

Wallpaper mad out of Berkshire-Hathaway stock certificates

A flat-screen TV.

We (my fiancee and I) are in the process of buying our first house, and I’ve actually been thinking a lot about what to put on our walls. It seems that all my friends have “unique” things on their walls in lieu of the more standard Monet prints. one friend, who majored in architecture in college, has detailed architectural drawings of various historical Roman structures. Another friend has pages from an old botanical encyclopedia shoing full-color drawings of various exotic plants and lots of Latin text.

Well, I used to do a bit of nature photography years ago, and I managed to take a few shots that I think look pretty darn good. After consulting with the wife-to-be, I decided to have some of them blown up to 10x15 and then matted and framed them. They may not be the world’s most incredible pictures, but at least I know that nobody else will have them on their wall.

Lighting and Rainbow

Sunset Over a Snowy Field

Moon in Daylight

Pelican in Flight

Lake Minedoka in July

Tale of a Whale



We just repainted our whole downstairs and the walls are presently bare, so this is currently a timely question.

Immediately, we want some fucking curtains. (Well, not literaly. Being the boring old farts we are most of our fucking takes place upstairs in the bedroom.) Just ordered some the other da.

On the walls, I’d really like some architectural elements, either salvaged or recreations such as Sullivan/Wright medallions and such.

Would also like to add in some framed tiles - either singles or scenes.

We also are interested in botanical artwork. Either detailed drawings/paintings, or pressed plant material.

And we’ve got a few pieces of art - mostly watercolors, that we’ll probably look into rematting.

I’m also a big fan of maps of all kinds. Geographic, political, satellite, historical, you name it.

Barry, the photo of the lightening and rainbow is mighty fine!