Favorite poster or posters from your youth

Is there a teenager who didn’t adorn his/her bedroom walls with posters of one sort or another? Well, I suppose there are probably some whose parents were insane when it came to holes or tape on the pristine paint, but for the most part, didn’t we all have our poster phase?

I was big into travel posters when I was in high school. I’m pretty sure I bought them, since no one in the immediate family worked for a travel agent. I also had a couple of abstract posters - one was a highly stylized nude woman. I never had black light posters, but I always wanted one. I never hung my favorite singers or actors on the walls. The posters were never framed - I think I was only allowed to use tape - no nail holes in the walls.

While I no longer have any posters, I do like wall art. We’ve got a few oil paintings, some signed, numbered prints, lots of family photos, and an oil pastel piece I commissioned as a gift for my husband some years ago. I’ve also got a clay piece that was a mother’s day gift years ago - it’s hanging in the dining room. Oddly, the only unadorned room is our bedroom - we never got around to decorating it, and since we’ll be on the market within a year, I doubt that we will. Maybe a cheap pic or two just to make it more marketable??

My daughter has all kinds of stuff hanging on her walls - posters, photos, a banner she made in Middle School, necklaces, a huge dreamcatcher, a bulletin board, old license plates, award certificates… I don’t sweat the nail holes - they’re easy to patch and I’ve got a little paint from her room to cover the patches when the time comes.

So, what were your favorite posters and wall hangings?
[sub]Did you think this was another popularity thread??[/sub]

I had a small room, but I managed to cram large posters in it of the Ferrari Testarossa, the Ferrari 288 GTO, and the Ferrari F40. And a few… uh… [sub][sup]Madonna posters[/sup][/sub] :eek: …

As a very small child, I liked to display the posters that came every few months in World Magazine (the national geographic magazine for kids). I particularly remember the pin-up of the Sea Otter.

When I hit my teenage years, I slapped a lot of stuff up on the walls, but the most memorable was a poster of Duran Duran, the one where they’re all wearing black and white clothes that illustrate every terrible mid-80s fashion possible, and lots of make-up. Oh the humanity.

I still have some of mine up on the wall in my little office. Some I no longer have are a Wolverine vs. Sabretooth poster, several sheets of BettleMech schematics, and a couple odd arty one with ocean scenes.

Two I still have are a pin-up of Psylocke by Jim Lee and the movie poster of The Rocketeer.

So I’m a geek. What’s your point?

I had werd tastes in posters:
– Japan Air Lines Japanese Art calendar

– Schematic Subway maps from various cities around the world

– Abbott and Costello poster with the complete “Who’s on First?” routine
– Day-Glo poster of The Silver Surfer and Quasimodo (by Jack Kirby) from Fantastic Four annual #5 (“I’m Changing!..Changing!”)
While in college and Grad School, I had one whole wall taken up with a mosaic of US Geological Survey 7.5 minute quadrangles of New York City and northern New Jersey.

I had a few Iron Maiden posters but that was just to balance somewhat the wall of Depeche Mode posters on my sisters side of them room.

When I finally got my own room the poster that had pride of place was this . Oh how I love that movie.

On prewiew CalMeacham I also had that Who’s on First poster.

Dare I ask if anyone had the famous Farrah Fawcett bathing suit poster? The only places I’ve seen those are as props on movie or TV show sets. I assume people actually bought and hung them - anyone here?

delphica, I had the sea otter, too! I also had the great white shark. World Magazine was the best.

Parker Stevenson adorned my wall for a good while during the Hardy Boys’ stint, he was placed right at kissing level. :wink: Years later, I had various 80’s bands, mostly Duran Duran.

My all-time favorite poster was of Indiana Jones in a torchlit cave, ancient relics and mystic inscriptions all around, a whip in one hand, a Bud in the other, and ohhh… those beautiful piercing eyes with his shirt torn and his skin all dirty, sweaty, and glistening. The caption read “Quest for the Best” (being a beer ad and all). I had no desire for the beer, but that picture was worth a thousand teenage fantasies.

I had a copy hanging on my wall.


My older brother had the Farrah poster. I however opted for her replacement and had a poster of Cherly Ladd. I’ve been searching for it on the web for about 20 min now. If I find it I’ll post it later.

(it was the one where she is barely wearing a yellow chengosham type top).

My brother also had the Farrah. I was too young to be tittilated by the nipple. (yes, I’m aware of what I just said!)

I don’t remember many posters from my youth, but in my teen and college years I had a Samantha Fox 45 sleeve that unfolded into a poster. Grrrrrrrrrowr!

Plus I had about 20 mini UHF posters on the wall, Spider-Man vs Hobgoblin, and She-Hulk at Muscle Beach.

It’s a wonder that I didn’t have any dates in college.

I had the requisite art nouveau Alphonse Mucha posters in my college dorm room—you had to, or you’d be expelled.

When I was a teenager, I wasn’t allowed to hang posters in my room. My mother considered them ‘tacky’ and they would “ruin the walls”. Undaunted, I managed to sneak a poster of David Cassidy inside my closet.

Yes, I risked Hellfire and my Mother’s Wrath (one and the same) to have a poster of David Cassidy. Wearing a dog collar.

It’s OK, I’m all grown up now and such. But when I was thirteen/fourteen, David Cassidy was HOT!!!

Feh. He was no Bobby Sherman.

I miss the “Come to Middle Earth” poster from the 1960s, with the art from the LOTR paperback covers of that era.

Well, I like my women dark so it was Lynda Carter with those baby blues haning over my dorm room bed…

When I was in college the mandatory posters were an antique style woodcut of the driving of the Golden Spike…except that the two train tracks didn’t line up correctly. The caption was “Oh, Shit!”.

I seem to recall others of the series as well: one had a steam locomotive fallen on a collapsed bridge into the river, with the same caption.

They were everywhere in the '70s. At least at my college.

Scylla, Peregrine, and Fenris. And thanks for the compliment about me still being youthful…

I don’t have any, I didn’t read SDMB in my youth. Oh, that kinda posters…


My room was practically covered with posters.

Lot’s of Dungeons and Dragons stuff. (mostly free in Dragon magazine)
A 4’x8’ USS Enterprise banner. (The Next Gen one.)


An inexplicable amount of Garfield posters.

Blueprints for the NCC-1701.