Favorite Schoolhouse Rock song

Anybody who was a kid or parent in the 70s almost certainly watched Schoolhouse Rock shorts during their Saturday morning cartoons. Some like me even learned their parts of speech and multiplication tables from them. So what’s your favorite? Here are a few I remember to refresh your memory:

Conjunction Junction
3 is a magic number
I’m just a Bill
Electricity EEE-lectricity

and my personal favorite - “Lolly lolly lolly get your adverbs here”

Anyone else?

A noun is a person, place or thing.
I’m just a bill.
Hey little twelve toes.

Those would be my favorites.

“Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla” and “Victim of Gravity” (VoG was done by The Tokens, does anybody know if those are the same Tokens who did “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”?). Although one of these years I’m going to make a Halloween costume of a Bill. I’ve even thought of going down and getting a picture sitting on the steps of the Capitol.

I saw Bob Dorough play in a coffeehouse in Central PA a couple years ago. There were only a couple dozen people there, but it was one of the most fun shows I’ve ever seen.

How many of us know the preamble to the Constitution because of Schoolhouse Rock?

Personally, my favorites are I’m just a Bill (“Oh Yeah!”) and Three (is a Magic Number).

I was lucky enough to find CD-ROMs with all of Multiplication Rock and Grammar Rock on them; now my two daughters are singing, “Three, six, nine…twelve, fifteen, eighteen…twennyone, twennyfour, twennysevun…THIRTY.”

“When Reginald stayed home with Flu-oo-oo-oo
The doctor knew just what to Do-oo
He cured the infection
With one small injection
While Reginald hollerd some interjections!”


“Mr. Morton was very shy.
Mr. Morton was.
Mr. Morton is the subject of the sentence,
And what the predicate says, he does.”


“Rockin’ and a-rollin’, a-splishin’ and a-splashin’,
Over the horizon, what can it be?
The pilgrims sailed the sea
To find a place to call their own.
In their ship Mayflower,They hoped to find a better home.”


“Interplanet Janet, she’s a galaxy girl,
A solar system Ms. from a future world,
She travels like a rocket with her comet team
And there’s never been a planet Janet hasn’t seen”

Btw: did anyone else know that the woman who wrote a bunch of the Schoolhouse Rock songs (Lynn Aherns) went on to do a couple of great Broadway musicals (Once on This Island and Ragtime, to name two). She’s also involved in a new show called “Seussical”


Without question, the greatest of the School House Rock offerings is ‘Mr. Morton’ I actually learned what the hell a predicate was from that thing.
“Mr. Morton walked down the street,
Mr. Morton walked.
Mr. Morton talked to his cat,
Mr. Morton talked.”

As runner up I would have to place, ‘The Great American Melting Pot’, followed by ‘Interjections’.

Just A Bill
Conjunction Junction
Zero (He’s My Hero)— How did the Schoolhouse Rock people know what my future lovelife was going to be like?

As a feminist-type person, my favorite has been, is, and will be “Sufferin till Suffrage” about the 19th Amendment.

Having purchased the CDs, my preferences (in order) are: America Rock, Grammar Rock, and Science Rock. Math is for the birds :wink:


“Conjunction Junction” and “Hey Little Twelve-Toes” are two of my favorites. Then there’s the superman-type guy who sings:

“I do my thing in action - VERB!
That’s what’s happenin’.”

I keep meaning to pick up some of those CD’s, just for old times’ sake. Hey, ma, I got some more ideas for Christmas…

“3 is the magic number” tres kewl. :smiley:

You used to be able to download these songs from Schoolhouse Rock site. But I’m having trouble with it today. :frowning: Keep trying this link in the hopes that it’s just a quirk today.

I liked:[ul]
[li]Little Twelvetoes[/li][li]Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverb Here[/li][li]Sufferin’ Until Suffrage[/li][li]Unpack My Adjectives[/li][/ul]

Take my [quiz](http://www.funtrivia.com/cgi-bin/qplay.cgi?id=shr2000&from=The Straight Dope&url=http:%2F%2Fwww.straightdope.com) on the Schoolhouse Rock collection. :slight_smile:

Figure Eight is so wintry and melancholy that I’m surprised that it’s a “kid” song.

It’s Lynn Ahrens, actually. She was also nominated for an Academy Award for her work on Anastasia.

BTW, “I’m Just a Bill” and “Conjunction Junction” both featured Jack Sheldon, Merv Griffin’s sidekick from his daytime talk show, and alumnus of several “Dragnet 1967” episodes.

“Figure 8” is incredibly melancholy!

I liked best “Conjunction Junction” and “Verb”. “Interplanet Janet” had it’s moments too.

The new (1990’s) SHR songs suck big time, IMO.

My favorites (not in any particular order):
Three is a Magic Number
Figure Eight
Interplanet Janet
Sufferin’ Till Sufferage
Conjunction Junction

“Conjunction Junction” remains my favorite, partly for the cleverness of the lyrics and the catchiness of the melody, but what puts it over the top is Jack Sheldon’s voice (and trumpet). Most of my other favorites also feature Sheldon (“I’m Just a Bill” and “Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla”). I also love that they used Blossom Dearie for “Unpack Your Adjectives” and “Figure Eight”.

The one where they multiply by 5 and the Preamble one. Also, Conjuction Junction and the interjections one. You know, it’s just a good thing I have all of those on video. :slight_smile: Well, technically my hubby does, but he lets me and the girls watch them.

My hero zero
What a funny little hero
Until you came along
We counted on our fingers and toes

My favorites, in order:[ol][li]Three is a Magic Number. Does anyone else have the CD of Schoolhouse Rock covers? There is a great version of this song by Blind Lemon.[/li][li]Conjunction Junction. “I’ve got ‘and,’ ‘but’ and ‘or;’ they’ll get you pretty far.”[/li][li]My Hero Zero. (See above.)[/li][li]I’m Just a Bill.[/li][li]So We Unpacked Our Adjectives. “He was a hairy bear; he was a scary bear. We beat a hasty retreat from his lair…and we described him with adjectives…”[/li][li]We the People. Yes, that’s how I learned the preamble.[/li][li]The Shot Heard 'Round the World.[/li][li]Lolly Lolly Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here.[/li][li]Mr. Morton.[/li][li]Interjections. “Hooray! I’m for the other team!”[/li]A Noun’s a Person Place or Thing[/ol]

Woohoo! I got 20 out of 20!