"Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, get your adverbs here: School house Rock apreciation thread

I picked up the DVD which to my surprise boasts over 200 minutes of School House Rock… now I can’t get the songs out of my head!!!
Anybody out there love these shorts as much as Ido?
How many people out there learned from these and how many Canadian’s, like myself, grew up confused about our History becuase of them?

School House Rocks uh, … rocks! Helped a whole generation of kids memorize the preamble to the Constitution without even trying!

What is included on the DVD? I like the History and Science; the Grammar a little less. The Math not so much.

Absolutely. Indubitably. Enthusatically. Devotedly.

What? You don’t care much for “Conjunction Junction”?

Hello Again had to sneak in there. I was replying to Skammer, of course. :slight_smile:

The DVD includes almost all of the various SHRs including the “weather” one that was tied up in litigation for a while. It is missing one of the “Scooter Computer and Mister Chips” episodes. It also includes some games and quizzes and trivia stuff which I haven’t bothered looking at.

Grammar Rock was always my favorite, followed by History Rock. I liked some of the math ones and some of the science ones (especially “Interplanet Janet”) and had no memory of ever seeing any of the Money Rock episodes. I found the one SC&MC to be very disturbing, where the computer is talking about how it has no feelings or something. Chilling.

There is also two new ones One is accessable like the rest “I’m sending my vote to college” Which attempts to explain the US electoral college… colour me still confused. The other you get if you answer five sets of quizes. It is a request to go out and vote (aimed at the Gen Xers who were more likely to buy this) Interesting and has the same feel as the originals unlike the later grammer rock episodes “Mr Morton” and the one with the bugs.

The Money rock was one I’d never seen before but Tyrannasaurus Debt was an eye opener.

VERB - that’s what’s happening! was one of my favorites.

I also like Three is the Magic Number, the original and the Blind Melon.

The “director’s commentary” for “Conjunction Junction” is quite interesting. Most of its charming animation stemmed from the fact that they were running out of money.

And a young Michael Eisner was the guy who gave the green light to the series at ABC.

At this time I actually love “Hey, Little Twelvetoes” because it is such a weird song and video. I mean trying to explain Base 12 versus Base 10 to kids seems funny to me. Plus the song is catchy.

I seem to remember one song that went “Electricity, E-lectricity” I can remember the tune, but I can’t remember any of the words. I’m pretty sure it was a school House Rock cartoon.

Electricity lyrics

That’s it! thanks! :smiley:

I wasn’t confused, but I did end up knowing a lot more about how the U.S. government worked than how the Canadian government worked.

I can also name most of the U.S. Supreme Court, but not one member of ours.

[sub](… they were burnin’ up all of their fuel…)[/sub]

My husband gave this to me as a gift (one of those “I thought you might like it” gifts for no reason! I love those!) But I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. :frowning: I’m going to this weekend though. I love School House Rock.
“Interjections show excitement or emotion!” Wee!

There’s a telegraph line,
You’ve got yours and I’ve got mine
It’s called the Nervous System!
And everybody understands
Those telegraph commands
When your body sends 'em out, you’d better listen!

Those were all great! I owe the fact that I can still remember the preamble to the American Constitution entirely to the fact that Schoolhouse Rock set it to music! (Although, to remember it, I have to hum…)

Anyone see the recent “Johnny Bravo” episode where he receives “Schoolhouse Rock”-style lessons in how to impress women?

I have the CD box set and the Grammar video so I doubt I’ll shell out for the DVD. Still, my favorites remain:

I’m Just a Bill
Noun Is a Person, Place or Thing
Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla
Three Is a Magic Number
Victim of Gravity (the Tokens!)

and anything Blossom Dearie sang (Figure Eight, Unpack Your Adjectives)

I’ve seen neither, but from the songs, I think the financial ones aren’t bad, but the crappy Mr. Chips ones are.

Unfortunately, that particular song is missing four words from the Preamble. You can always tell who learned the Preamble from the America Rock song, because they skip over the “of the United States” part after “We the People”.