Favorite Simpsons "visual only" moments

But the shot that made that scene hysterically funny to me was when the postman pulled a rifle out of his letter bag and began shooting back. I giggle just thinking about it!

The look on Bart’s face when he’s holding up a cupcake after Lisa tells him to take her <shiny rock thing> (damn my lack of geological knowledge)

Oh yeah, and when Lisa is trying to avoid going to the library so she’ll seem ‘cool’ to the kids in the beach house episode. She’s looking at all the characters from novels standing there wistfully, and sees Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

“It would be ever so wonderful if you could join us for tea…no don’t do it Lisa its a trap!”

Then the mad hatter holds her hostage by gunpoint :eek:


I like the bit in the clown college episode where Homer keeps seeing clowns everywhere. In particular, I get a chuckle out of the part where Lenny comes in and tells him that the section he’s supposed to be monitoring is on fire. A bunch of guys come running into the room screaming and on fire, but Homer just tunes them out and imagines the guys as clowns doing acrobatics.

I also like Homer driving while sleep-deprived in the episode where he gets Lisa a pony. He falls asleep at the wheel and dreams/hallucinates that his car turns into a bed and that he’s being watched over peacefully by the moon. It cuts back to reality and they show him driving with the remains of a picket fence stuck to the car.

-The fire drill at the plant. Homer is the first out and then bars the door behind him.
-The “food chain” from Troy McClure’s "The Meat Council Presents: `Meat and You: Partners in Freedom’ film. Lion killing a dear, dog eating a frisby, shark eating a gorilla out of a tree. Also memorable - Troy testing the cows for ripeness, his stroll through “cattle country” and Billy’s look of horror after seeing the killing floor of the slaughterhouse (although it’s not really a floor…).

When the family has to leave the house (for fumigation? I forget) and they’re wondering where to go next, so they just stand out in front of the house. All of a sudden, the King of the Hill theme song starts and they do the whole opening sequence. I love crossover humor.

In the episode where Homer follows the Ribwich tour, every time he takes his first bite, the scene plays out like the drug addicts taking their first hit in Requiem for a Dream.

I love the Sideshow Bob/rakes bit, but I don’t think it counts because the groaning is part of the funny.

Of course, there’s the classic scene where Homer tries to jump the gorge and doesn’t make it. He bounces all the way down, is rescued and then the ambulance drops him and he bounces all the way down again.

When the town goes into a religious frenzy after they dig up that “angel skeleton.” There are shots of all kinds of scientific things being looted and burned, including the Christian Science Reading. Oh, that cracked me up.

I am of the firm belief that this is the single most hilarious comedy image ever created in the history of mankind.

I love the scene in the episode where Moe is committing insurance fraud for the girl. He sets his bar on fire trapping homer and Moe inside when they are overcome by smoke.

Barney goes in to rescue them, you see his silhouette in the smoke carrying to masses. As he comes into the light you see he’s carying two kegs, then he goes back in for Homer and Moe…and 2 more cases of Duff. I love Barney.

Crap…preview damnit,

Seen on the Springfield Church Marquee:

"We welcome all God’s victims

From Bart The General:

Aw, come on, Bart. We don’t want your mother to see you crying. Here, let me help you dry those tears…

and then Bart’s face with the 2 billion watt hairdrier.

We could probably do a whole thread of just the sign in fron the the church. My favorite was from the one where Homer stopped going to church so he could sleep in and watch TV.

“When Homer Met Satan”

Yep, those are some of my favourites, plus these:

**Today: Senior Citizens Swing Dance; Tomorrow: Cat Spay-A-Thon

Evil women in history from Jezebel to Janet Reno

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Salvation

There’s something about the Virgin Mary

Private Wedding; Please Worship Elsewhere**

And didn’t the dud look exactly like Milhouse?

For dialogue-less “Simpsons” bits - you can’t beat the Itchy & Scratchy cartoons. Best of the lot has to be the “dynamite bride” that the mouse (I can never get straight which one is which) gives the cat. They show the courtship, the wedding, the birth of a dynamite baby, the golden 50th anniversary and finally the rest home - before the bomb finally explodes. As soon as it does, the mouse barely has time to laugh before dying of old age.

I SAID NO SIGNAGE, DAMMIT!!! :slight_smile:

• In the 138th Episode Special, the look on Troy McClure’s face after they have just shown the very first Simpsons cartoon.

• Santa’s Little Helper doing the Snoopy dance after being shot with the tranquilizer dart.

The shifty-eyed dog outside the movie theater after the premiere of Mel Gibson in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Gets me every damn time.

I don’t know why they had this, but they were showing fox news and I loved the news crawler at the bottom.

“Do Democrats cause cancer? Find out at Foxnews.com
“Rupert Murdoch= terrible cancer”
“Study shows 97 percent of Democrats are gay”
“JFK posthumously joins Republican Party.”
“Brad Pitt + Albert Einstein = Dick Cheney”

“The Bart of War” - the one where Bart joins an Indian scout troop and Milhouse is in a little cavalry troop. They run into this Indian who tells them about how clean the environment used to be, and they show this peaceful scene of the area with the stream and grass and flowers and the animals - and then a gorilla walks by rolling a hoop. Cracks me up every time.

Another one, I forget the episode but a recent one; Homer is fantasizing and he turns up inside the Kool Aid man. He drinks the Kool Aid from inside, and then the Kool Aid man keels over and dies, and his eyes turn to X’s.

I dunno…I like the close-up of Homer’s brain the morning after Troy McClure confessed that he was only getting married to help his image, and resurrect his career.

The preacher asks if anyone has any reason why Troy and Patty should not be married.

The camera zooms to Homer, and his brain is playing Gary Glitter’s “Rock N Roll.”

To me, that’s funnier.