Favorite store-bought kombucha brands and flavors?

I usually drink water throughout the day and with meals, but sometimes I’ll have a ginger ale or iced tea. I don’t drink beer or wine. I have a small bottle of tart cherry juice every day since my episode of gout last year. I have one cup of coffee in the morning.

I’d like to add another beverage to my line-up for mealtime and just because. I’ve tried kombucha and I like it okay-- I like the carbonation. Not too worried about sugar content or caffeine, as I’m not likely to drink more than one 16-oz. bottle per day at most (and probably less). I’m guessing the flavor/brand makes all the difference. Looking at amazon reviews, flavors with ginger seem to be preferred. Also not especially interested in making my own.

Can anyone recommend flavors and brands that you like?

I enjoy Kevita’s offerings, along with GT’s organic raw flavors. I’m not so fond of Health-ade though.

Costco’s Kirkland brand kombucha is pretty good too.

I’ve also encountered quite a few local brands all over the continent which are quite nice. Kombucha Town stands out in this regard.

Honestly, I’ve found most of the flavors by the brands I favor to be quite good. I do tend to like the ginger/lemon ones and also the cherry ones

Health Ade is good. I usually go for the ginger lemon, but I like the bubbly rose and mint limeade, too.

I really like the GT Synergy Gingerade and Happy Belly Haskap Berry.

I’m drinking one right this minute!