Favorite video game box art

I don’t know if that many people care about video game box art, but let’s discuss our favorites.

First, a digression: I have Final Fantasy on my mind after finishing FF13 yesterday, and I always thought it was weird that they change the cover art for the US releases. Usually the Japanese box art is just the game’s logo on a white background, which usually looks pretty cool. For some reason the US release usually gets an ugly cover that just shows the main characters (examples: FF8, FF9, FF12). But sometimes I actually like the US art better, two good examples being FF7 and FF10. Maybe because they just show one character instead of a random jumble of pasted-together portraits (seriously, look at the US FF12 cover art. Or this could just be my bias as my two favorites are 7 and 10 and I hate 12). By the way, probably the quintessential example of this Japan -> US cover downgrade is Ico (Japan, US. Ugh.)

But anyway, none of those are my favorite covers. My two all-time favorites are actually both old PC games. Coming in at number 2 is Wasteland. Today it’s mostly known because Fallout is kind of the spiritual successor to it. But look at the cover–a party of adventurers facing down some sort of evil robot in the middle of a ruined, burnt-out city. You see that cover and you know this game is going to kick ass. I particularly like the sunlight at the top of the cover.

And my #1 of all time is Out of This World. Now that’s epic. (giant version). *

Oh yeah, and before some wise guy decides to mention Mega Man, let me just get that out of the way for you :stuck_out_tongue:

  • I call it Out of This World because I’m in the US; it wasn’t until later that I found out it was originally called Another World. Why’d they change it, anyway? I kind of like the US title better, or maybe I’m just used to it. Also, according to Wikipedia the game designer painted the cover himself, which is pretty awesome.

It’s cheesy, but on some fundamental level I like the box for N64’s Forsaken. I think it’s the tear.

Probably the purest symbolic box art I’ve seen in recent years is Left 4 Dead. It’s a left hand, there are 4 fingers remaining on it (thumb’s chewed off), and it’s clearly dead. All three words of the game title presented with a simple image.

The European releases, too.

The Japanese do do more elaborate box art for the International Editions, though…of those, the best, by far, is FFX-2 International+Last Mission.

North American players really get screwed with the series. ;_; Not only do they keep the International Editions away from us, we get crap box art on what we get!

SquareEnix’s best NA box art, IMO, is Kingdom Hearts II…which, unsurprisingly, happens to be identical to the Japanese.

My favourite box art for a game I actually have would probably be We <3 Katamari.