Favorite weird candy!

Do you have a favorite old-fashioned or otherwise uncommon candy? And any weird habits with eating them?

My favorites are Satellite Wafers and Skybars. Satellite Wafers are so much fun! Those are the communion-wafer things which are filled with jimmies. I like to bite off the tops and pour all the jimmies into one and eat it :stuck_out_tongue:
For Skybars, I can never tell the difference between the peanut butter and caramel parts, so I save those two for last and try to figure it out. I swear they both taste the same!!

Have I lost my mind in the midst of my latest candy binge, or does everyone else have weird candy habits?

Choward’s violet mints. Oddest tasting candy ever but I love them.

My niece thinks I’m nuts to like Necco Wafers. “Little bits of chalk” she says.

Me, too! I also love vanilla and banana Laffy Taffy and the chocolate Necco Wafers.

Big fan here too!


I liked Neccos but unfortunately they aren’t vegetarian.

Anybody remember Zero Candy Bars? I liked those. Nowadays you only see them in decrepit old vending machines in autobody shops.

I love polvoron, a powdered milk candy from the Philippines. It’s got a blandish taste that’s not for everyone, but it’s very popular back home.

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Though I’m not sure that Necco Wafers are food either.

Zotz! Not just a candy, but a great practical joke!

Zotz had a baking soda center. If you bit into them, it would fizz in your mouth. We’d give them to people as a joke without telling them. But their actually good if you know what to expect.

I also love Milkshakes, which, alas, exist no more. They were pretty much a second rate Milky Way, with one difference: they froze much better. All the ice cream shops at the beaches near us sold the frozen Milkshakes.

Yeah! Those are hard to find. I had one not two months ago, though.

There’s this weird Scandinavian candy that I always have trouble getting hold of: Salt lakrids. It’s a bitter, salty black liquorice. I’ve never seen in in the States. I’ve also had a only slightly sweet but spicy red liquorice that was excellent from Denmark.

Anyone else hoping that this thread will evolve into another International Candy Exchange thread?

Ok, I have to ask, what is un-vegetarian about them? I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around Necco wafers containing meat products.

I’m guessing that they contain some kind of fat or protein that’s a by-product of animal processing. The gelatin in gummy bears contains horse and cow hooves, you know.

They contain gelatin.

I love them as well and my family also thinks they are ‘little bits of chalk,’ which thus guarantees that I don’t have to share. :cool:

I have some Nordic Sweets Salty Licorice Fish. I think I got them at Ikea.

Well, I’ll be. Never would have thought those chalky things had gelatin in them. Thanks for the info.

I like that Dutch salty black licorice.

Yeah. Especially the dubbel zout.

Marathon candy bars!