Favourite bad movies.

Right now I am watching ‘reposessed’ which got a one star rating in the TV guide.
What are your favourite terrible movies that are so bad they’re good.

Critters. 'Nuff said.

Kill Bill is the best bad movie ever made.

Please don’t ask me to choose between Roadhouse and Point Break.

My favorite bad movie is Streets of Fire. I love it. I’m not under the illusion it’s any good, but I love it.

I still love the Classics:

Robot Monster
Plan Nine from Outer Space

I hold a Bad Film Festival every year. (I started doing this lng before MST3K aired) Some of the films I’ve run:

**It Came from Hollywod

The Monster that Challenged the World

Deadly Friend

The Forbidden Zone

The First Nudie Musical


Doc Savage, Man of Bronze** (Highly recommended!)

**The Giant Claw

The Crawling Eye


How about Purple Rain, which is a truly dreadful movie – except, of course, for the music.

Iron Monkey.

Maniac how can you not like a movie where a madman eats a cats eyeball and two women fight with syringes.

Dr Giggles

Leprechaun 1,2,3 and Rumplestilskin.


Madman after poking the cats eye out “Why not…its not unlike a grape.”

Also another fun scene is where another man goes insane after being injected with embalming fluid and takes the corpse of a woman and runs away with it. When her blouse does not fall off enough, he stops and helps it fall off.

Not your usual 1934 movie fare.

Killer Clowns from Outer Space


Troll 2.

Bubble Boy
Night of the Lepus
- because who doesn’t like bunnies? Even if they are giant, man-eating bunnies.

Evil Dead of course.

The Lost Boys (c’mon it is a bad movie no matter what anyone says)

They Live


Highlander (before you say it’s good watch it again with an unbaised eye)

There are just so many to choose from.

[li]Highlander (It was a bad movie, just watch it again.)[/li][li]Hell Comes to Frog Town[/li][li]The Toxic Avenger[/li][li]Killer Klowns From Outer Space[/li][li]Critters[/li][li]Many more I just can’t remember right now!![/li][/ul]


I forgot Barb Wire.

and Tomorrow Never Dies. Denise Richards saying, “Someone walking around with a kilo of weapons grade plutonium is no laughing matter.” To which James Bond should have said, “Ok, Cupcake,” but didn’t.

Starship Troopers


It’s a masterpiece compared to Under A Cherry Moon which itself is a comprehensive lesson in writing, acting and directing compared to Graffiti Bridge.

I’ll admit to a soft spot for Road House, one of the best bad movies ever.

Army of Darkness
Starship Troopers
Six String Samurai
Hard Target
Showdown In Little Tokyo

And I don’t consider Kill Bill a bad movie, but I love it just the same.

" Swashbuckler" Leonard Maltin bombed it. Humph.