FDA may ban caffeinated alcoholic beverages?

Convince me that this isn’t the most idiotic potential law. Will bars no longer be able to serve Irish coffee? Red Bull and vodka? Will my favorite shot, Van Gogh espresso-infused vodka be banned as well?

Looks to me like it would apply to bottled drinks, not mixed.

What the fuck is this supposed to mean -

So, coffee is safe, and alcohol is safe, but a mix is not?

I’ve been drinking cafe royale for years now.

More stupid shit from the Fun-Suckers. Why don’t they go bother the homeopathic morons and leave shit-faced but wide-awake college students alone?


It’s for the children.

<<Caffeine may lead people to underestimate how drunk they are, giving drinkers a false sense of confidence that they can perform tasks they are too impaired to undertake.>>

Seems to me like alcohol alone does the same thing.

So does college.


This would not be good.

The “studies” that they cite seem to be a textbook example of confusing correlation with causation.

They can pry my Crown and Coke out of my cold dead hands! Right after my drunk ass plows into a family of four on my way home from the bar.

Yeah, and I suppose we’re trying to figure out what difference it makes. Every frat boy in town drinks Vodka + Red Bull. I suppose there’s a danger in someone buying a drink pre-mixed, but not in him or a bartender mixing it himself?

As a consumer, there’s no way for me to tell whether a certain skin cream causes lupus. But I am able to judge pretty accurately whether drinking alcohol with caffeine messes me up. So, another vote for FDA getting its priorities straight.