Mixing caffeine and alcohol

For the longest time, I thought those caffeinated beers were a horrible idea. Mixing a stimulant with a depressant? Uh, yeah, good idea. Now it seems like the government is cracking down on products mixing caffeine and alcohol, thanks to some brand called Four Loko. Not surprising, I thought, since that combination is probably dangerous.

But then I realized that I mix caffeine and alcohol all the time: coffee and Bailey’s, rum and coke, etc. and have never had ill effect, nor have I heard about anyone else having ill effects. Why is this suddenly becoming an issue?

The news got bored of freaking out about bedbugs?

I think the problem has to do with how much alcohol, and possibly how much caffeine, is actually in one can of Four Loko. My guess is that one can of Four Loko has more alcohol and more caffeine than a standard Cuba libre or Irish coffee. A cuba libre doesn’t cause any ill effects in me, that I can see.

Because people are retarded.

It seems like concern has recently stemmed over these new-fangled caffeinated drinks like Four Loko and Sparxx (or whatever they’re called) because they’re hopped up with sugar and taurine, and more closely resemble soda or Red Bull than they do alcoholic beverages. The theory, I believe, is inexperienced drinkers will not know just how drunk they are when consuming these beverages, and then everyone is going to die of alcohol poisoning.

It’s ridiculous “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” bullshit that the weak and stupid of our society will fall for. Banning these drinks will accomplish nothing. As if someone can’t pop a couple of No Dose while drinking malt liquor.

Yep. I have had a few of the alcohol containing energy drinks. They taste like shite. If you drink enough of them to wind up in a coma, then you are an idiot.

Not that I agree with banning such things, but teenagers can be pretty retarded about this stuff.

It’s basically a malt liquor, at about 12% alcohol (about twice that of beer in the upper range). The cans are large at 23.5 oz, about as big as two cans of beer. The company doesn’t disclose the caffeine content and I haven’t found an independent analysis, but estimates range from the equivalent of 3-5 cups of coffee.

So one can is like having four Irish coffees, but I’m guessing these kids knock off a can in about 15 minutes. And does anybody have just one can?

I don’t think it should be made illegal (ban cigarettes first) but clearly this company is exploiting youthful stupidity.

pkbites, I don’t know what people under 25 are drinking and popping these days, but are people really doing No Dōz on top of slamming down a few beers?

Well the thing is Four Loku is about 6 cups of coffee and 9 shots, and you have kids slaming these down 1 an hour. They taste like crap and are only intended for underaged kids because you get the most bang for your buck

We were 20 years ago when I was in school. People also took Excedrin which is a little scary because it also has acetaminophen along with the aspirin and cafeine which can have really bad consequences with alcohol. But I don’t remember people taking a lot of Excedrin just the normal dose.

Teenagers can’t legally drink alcohol in the first place. So my liberties as an adult must be infringed because some kids are breaking the law?

People are pouring booze in their freaking eyeballs and squirting it up their ass. My kid once told me about using a straw to inhale the air inside of rising pizza dough because it allegedly causes a temporary intoxication. You name it, people will do it to get high. So why would taking uppers while drinking be such a shock to you?

In much of the world, including where I live, teenagers can indeed drink alcohol.

I still agree that your right to drink alcohol (or other manageable recreational substances) should not be limited because of other peoples potential abuse.

Except that it isn’t “the news” that brought this up, it’s the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, and Senator Charles Schumer.

Maybe 4loco kills bedbugs?

For many years people advocated giving coffee to drunks under the theory it would ‘sober them up.’ No one ever seemed to notice that what you got was a wide awake drunk.

I think we should ban bedgugs.

ETA: Because they’re like bad, and stuff.

It’s more likely to make you see bedbugs that aren’t there.

The DTs are just wonderful, aren’t they?

Did they ban this where you live (which is…where?) or is “The Land of the Free” (:rolleyes: ) the only place to do so?

Bed bugs are not a problem, till you get them. Then you’re out a few houndred dollars trying to kill them. And when you do get rid of them, your idiot neighbor goes back to the thrift store and brings a used sofa home. And you’re right back where you started.

The problem with this drink is like bed bugs. No it hasn’t hit epidemic proportions. But it has potential to.

This drink seems to be marketed for no other reason that to get you drunk and caffeinated as quick as possible.

It’s like if Mr Coyote goes into a bar and spend four hours there and have some drinks. Is that the same as Mr RoadRunner going in the bar and in 15 minutes gulping down the same amount of alcohol Mr Coyote consumed.

Same amount but they wouldn’t have the same effect.

One poster said, “teenagers can’t drink” that’s true, but can’t isn’t that same as don’t.

They shouldn’t drink but they do. When you’re sitting in the hospital because a drunk teenager hit you, are you gonna care about your “rights”?

Teens are gonna drink, they shouldn’t but they will and just because they are breaking the law, doesn’t mean we should make it easy for them to do.

Public saftey and society’s obligation to protect the young from themeselves far outweighs anyone’s right to drink alcohol.

Yes, you have a right to drink, but it’s not absolute. When a right conflicts with a greater good, you have to choose.

Teens and college age kids are notorious for binge drinking. They don’t drink to be social or for taste, they are consuming the acohol for the express purpose of getting drunk.

Combine a way to get them drunker quicker with the counter effect of a stimulant to make them feel like they aren’t as drunk as they really are is not good.

For instance if Coyote Jr normally drinks a six pack he passes out and that’s that. He’s not gonna go the bother of drinking coffee to stimulate him. But if the caffeine is already in the drink suddenly you have a wide awake drunk.

So when the trend of popping No Dose and calling them “Bar Beans” or “Club Ups” increases are we going to ban regular old caffeine pills?

What about those that are squirting booze up their ass? Should we ban disposable enema applicators? On more than 1 occasion I’ve dealt with someone that was addicted to soaking a shop rag in gasoline and inhaling it. Shall we ban gasoline, shop rags, or both?:confused: