Reb Bull makes jackas go crazy...

I know this stuff stimulates your mind but when I drink enough Red Bull (3-4 cans) I have some of the worst, vivid nightmares and wake up soaked in sweat, screaming and feeling quite exhausted.

I usually can’t remember any of my dreams and rarely have nightmares but everytime I drink this stuff I go nuts. Sometimes if I am drinking Vodka and Red Bull my hand will start shaking so badly that I can’t hold the glass.

Does anyone else experience this degree of ‘stimulation’? Better yet, can I sue Red Bull for causing this :slight_smile:

  1. No. But then, I don’t drink 3 or 4 cans of Red Bull at a time.

  2. I seriously doubt you can sue. But hey, give it a shot, why not? Lawyer’s baby needs new shoes…

Great Solution.
Stop Drinking Red Bull.

I dont know if its an Urban Legend or not, but I recieved this in my mail.

we’ve had Red Bull over here in Ireland for about 2 or 3 years now, and it is pretty scary shuff when you drink it with vodka

anyway, heres the mail >
Ever wondered what’s in a can of Redbull Energy drink? The small print lists a host of ingredients and among them is Glucuronolactone, an artificially manufactured stimulant developed in the early 60’s by the
American Government.

Glucuronolactone was first used in the Vietnam conflict to boost morale amongst GI’s who were suffering from stress and fatigue, but was banned after a few years following several deaths and hundreds of cases involving anything from severe migraines to brain tumors in personnel prescribed the stimulant.

That was in 1973 and Glucuronolactone is still banned for commercial consumption in America to this day. The bad news is that the substance never found it’s way to Europe in the early days and was therefore
never banned by the EU community.

An article in this months edition of the British Medical Journal has highlighted a growing number of cases reported by Doctors and Surgeons involving the very same side effects from the 70’s. All of the patients examined were regular drinkers of RedBull and it is believed that the safety of Glucuronolactone is currently under review in at least three major European countries.

a quick search on Glucuronolactone gets you

this rather strange link

this rather good link about energy drink ingredients

and this from the EU

hope that is of help to you guys…