Fear of Ohio

Is there such a thing as a fear of coming to Ohio or any other state for that matter? We have a middle agent we’re working with for a concert that has not come to the state of Ohio in a few years…he always says he’ll be at our concert then backs out and sends an associate that lives in Ohio. Just wondering, THANK YOU!

As someone currently living in Ohio, I can definetly see why he wouldn’t want to come here.

Well this guy didn’t like the Garden State very much.

I fear people who fear Ohio.

Never heard of a pathological fear of a particular state, but there are plenty of reasons why someone might want to stay away. A few that spring to mind:

*An outstanding warrant
*Owes child support
*Has a restraining order against him
*Owes money to someone in the state
*has an ex in the state he would prefer not to see
*fear of flying (depending on the state’s location)

Still bad memories from this, perhaps?


I concur, especially northeast Ohio.

I believe the proper use of fear of a state would be either <state name>phobic (Ohiophobic) or <state nickname>phobic (Buckeyephobic).

But if you’re Buckeyephobic, how does one know whether you fear the state, the state U. football team, a tree, or a poisonous nut?

Hey! I resent your OP. Only a “Lowlife” would dare to post such a…er, uh, what? He is? That’s reallly his/her name?

Nevermind. :o

Does not matter. You can be tracked down in any of the 50 states and U.S. territories. The Federal Child Support Act allows any state to nab child support scofflaws in any other state. I know a couple of folks that fled Washington for Texas under the assumption that the state OSE could not touch them in the Lone Star state. Wrong. The state eventually caught up to them and did some nasty things to them like garnishing wages and tax returns.

Here In SE Michigan, there is a great reluctance to drive down past our southern border unless it’s really neccessary. the reason is the Ohio State Police and there reputation for seeking out people with out of state plates. That belief is taught here at a young age, though I’ve personally never been pulled over in Ohio.

I would be filled with anxiety at the thought of living in Indiana again. Indiana is like Ohio but without the glitter.

We rely on the State Boys[sup]TM[/sup] to keep the riff-raff out.:wink:

i now remember why people fear ohio.
would you want to go into a state whos residents, state tree, and state teams are poisionous nuts!?

Re: Michiganders traveling to Ohio.

As a child I lived in West Liberty, Ohio, a hamlet on what was then the main truck route from Detroit to Cincinnati and points south. Back then the Ohio speed limit was 50 mph (!). My little town was at the foot of the bluffs along the Mad River (the richest soil this side of the Nile). South bound trucks coming down the hill built up a fair head of steam and would come howling through town at a pretty good clip before they swept out across the flats that extended to Urbana and Springfield. The old guys sitting on the bench in front of the pool hall kept up a pretty good line of chatter about the “God-damned Michigan drivers.”

The local State Police guy would set up in his driveway and pick up his quota of out of state speeders in an hour or two. Fully 2/3s of the arrest were “God-damned Michigan drivers.”

This sounds like a god reason to fear Ohio to me.


Clouds of sulfuric gas?
Yikes and a half.

Personally, I’m more scared of West Virginia than Ohio. Don’t ask me why though, it’s a long story, and I don’t want the nightmares to come back.