Fear the Walking Dead: season 4 (open spoilers)

Wow, what a shocking death! He was the best actor, arguably from both shows.

I never watched Deadwood either. But the cowboy persona is thick. They are in Texas.

Good point.

I’m trying to follow, but I have no idea what’s going on with the plot. It probably hurts that I haven’t been watching Talking Dead.

That just ended with a thud. I am trying to like this show. As in TWD, they are skipping around time lines too much. It incredibly confusing. And the gun fight, wasting ammo that they probably have very little of. If TWD is in its death throes, I am hoping this show will get me through my Sunday night withdrawal. Meh. I am not so sure.

The stupidity is truly mind boggling on this show. We have Nick and Alicia in the Range Rover idling in the parking lot outside of the stadium.

The bad guys roll up, open their doors and let loose a few hundred zombies. Why don’t they start honking their horn and slowly start driving away. Ta-dah! Now the horde is following them! Lead them a few miles away then speed off.

But no, we’ll just stay parked here 100+ meters away from the horde, and allow them to saunter over and surround their vehicle.

And yeah the gun fight was brutal. If you had a grenade launcher on your assault rifle, why wait until the ambulance is almost out of range before launching it? Use it during the battle earlier! That may have even forced a surrender situation.

I’m just glad “Vanilla Ice” is dead so we don’t have to see him anymore this season.


Others have mentioned that Madison was probably killed at the stadium, and that’s why Nick was so killy. Given her story in this episode, I really thought she’d be dead by the end of it. Next week is the mid-season finale, right? I’m betting she gets croaked at the end of it.

You think?
I don’t know if I’ll watch after that.

Never watched “Deadwood”. So for me, he was Cromartie on “Sarah Connor Chronicles”.

I think I’m done. Maybe I’ll come back for the rest of season if they ditch the multiple timeline crap.

I don’t get it. Is the whole group of writers and producers trying to drown the franchise? The best actors are just killed off. TWD and Fear are dying a slow drawn out death. I wanted better.

Way too many “let’s all be stupid” moments in this coherent timeline starved meandering story.

Like - hey, let’s just drive up to the stadium but stop 50 yards away so walkers can surround us. Because pulling within 10 feet of the gate and then using your vehicle as a shield in order to get out a walk into the stadium might just be too obvious.

or - hey, here come the bad guys. Let’s just watch and see what they do. Oh, they’re letting walkers out of the trucks? We should let them continue doing that so that we can save our bullets for walkers even though we waste 4 out of 5 not hitting the brain. Because if we opened fire on the bad guys we might just kill a few and they won’t be able to release all of their walkers.

or - flares cannot be thrown ever. If they are the walkers may follow the flare and give you a chance to duck into the shadows and escape.

Man, I was really hoping that this season had some teeth in it, but I think the writers must be sending their kids in to work for them. I take that back. Kids would probably question the obvious plot holes.

Yvette Nicole Brown will be serving as interim Talking Dead host while Chris Hardwick is under investigation. I’ll tune back in for that.

Me too. Glad to hear it. She’s a real fan and fun to boot.

OK, I finally watched the mid-season finale, or whatever that was. “No One’s Gone”, aired June 10th. Holy shit, what an insane mishmash of incoherence! I couldn’t follow the multiple time lines even with heavy use of the rewind and fast forward buttons.

Bottom line, looks like Madison has finally made her last noble ( but stupid) sacrifice. Right? Or am I seeing that wrong?

And at the same time, Nick has somehow and completely without explanation returned from the dead -and not as a zombie, either. Yes? No?

I don’t know if I’ll ever watch another episode. But I’ll be really grateful to anyone who will offer an explanation of what I just watched. Plot summary, I mean. Who’s alive and who’s dead will be a good start. Thanks in advance!

Madison and Nick are dead. I don’t know what else I can say except Morgan is going back to Alexandria. I think they all will go with him. I sincerely hope the timey-wimey thing just stops.
ETA Victor just pisses me off.

Thanks, Beckdawrek! Yes, the timey-wimey thingy is just stupid. Trying hard to be artsy and failing miserably. For crying out tears, it’s a horror flick with zombies!!! Artsy crap just doesn’t fit.

Now, we saw Nick die, so I was pretty certain. But then who is the guy who looks like him in our little band of last survivors?

We didn’t see Madison die, I’ll note. All circumstantial evidence points that way, for sure. But these writers have pulled equally crazy resurrections out of their collective asses before, so I’m not putting it past them this time.

I’m tempted, pro forma, to say “We shall see…” but frankly I’m not sure I’ll be watching. Feel free to post here (anybody) if you follow the action, and tell me if it’s worth my watching. I’ll do the same if I’m actually bored enough, and have horrible insomnia, and can’t find anything else on the video recorder.

The last people are Victor, Morgan, Luciano, June(Naomi) Alicia, John, Charlie( the kid) The reporter chick (?)
I don’t know who you’re seeing that looks like Nick, unless you’re seeing flashbacks.
ETA I am an insomniac too. We should start a no-sleep thread.