The Walking Dead; 7.01 "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be" (open spoilers)

Season 7 premieres and we finally get to find out who Negan killed. Unless of course the writers decide to screw us with non-linear storytelling to avoid revealing it right away. :rolleyes: Robert Kirkman, Scott M. Gimple, & Yvette Nicole Brown are on Talking Dead.

I’m confident we’ll find out straight away. Lest there be a lynch mob outside the writer’s room.

Get the lynch mob ready :mad:

Yeh… looks like the end of the episode. If that…

So. It’s a “he”.

So, the men to the right of Rick: Abraham and Glenn. Am I missing anybody?

Oh for pete’s sake. Those bastards.

Goodbye, Ford. We’ll miss your red dye job.

“Suck my nuts!” :slight_smile:

Ah, this show. Always killing off the interesting characters for shitty writing.

Lame. Fucking lame.


Oh fuck

Oh snap. Glenn! And it’s Daryl’s fault.


They fucking did it.

Abraham AND Glenn.

That was brutal.

Wow! That was sickening to watch.

Damn that was nasty.

I gotta say that was a solid fake-out with Abraham meeting Lucille first. I thought we dodged the Glenn bullet. And yeah, that was fucking nasty.

“Damn! Your fucking eye popped out!”

Yeah. A bit gratuitous, no? Not to trot out an old chestnut, but I can’t believe that makes cable TeeVee but a naked breast is a no-no.