Fear the Walking Dead: season 4 (open spoilers)

Season 4 is premiering tonight immediately after the season final of TWD (this doesn’t’ feel like a desperate attempt to boost audience numbers at all :rolleyes:). There’s supposed to be a big time skip to bring it up to speed with the parent show, the setting has changed to Texas, and Morgan is crossing over. Also Jenna Elfman is going the cast; it should be interesting to see her in a dramatic role.

Guess no one watches this. Anyway, started off slow but had a good build die to characterizations and easy plot to follow. Gunslinger and reporter were interesting. Morgan evolved by the end. Will tune in next time.

We watch this and gave up on Walking Dead a while ago. Waited with baited breath for this episode. I did not like the weird cuts in the Morgan sequence, But love Garrett Dillahunt the gunslinger. Thought the bad ass girl reporter was odd as she kept the bad guys away for how long only to let them sneak up on her later on in the show? And the ending why did they all leave the truck to help "hurt’ girl.
I hope this improves or all I will have left to look forward too is Better call Saul.

I’ll continue to watch it, but am willing to drop it if something better comes along.

Loved Garret Dillahunt (nice to see another ex-Deadwood actor work on FTWD).

My problems are with the intelligence level of these clowns at the end. This is at least 4 years after the outbreak. If they stopped for every “injured girl in the middle of the road” they should have been dead years ago. How about the driver stays in the “war-wagon” and you send out the gunslinger to check it out? But no, lets all get out of this impenetrable vehicle and get ambushed.

But IQ level’s have seemed to drop in the ZA so I guess I’ll let it slide.


Yes, they all acted like naïve idiots. According to this unofficial timeline the time skip between seasons 3 & 4 works out to be exactly 2 years and we’re 26 months into the zombie apocalypse. I’m not a big fan of time skips; especially in this case where it means the established characters have had more than 10 times as much time to develop off-screen as they have on-screen. I have a feeling this will turn out to be FWD’s last season.

Episode 2 was an improvement, but I hope this plotline doesn’t play out like it has all the other times we’ve seen it.

I liked it. I am not as invested in these characters as TWD but I am willing to like them. I never have like Victor much, but he has is more likeable this time. I see a big war going on, but I’d rather see their interaction with Morgan.

Good guys in fortified position with arms. Bad guys talk smack then sit out in open, smirking and plotting. Good guys don’t shoot them. :dubious: :smack:

Thought it might be a good season. Sigh.

And honestly, who didn’t see that the girl was a mole and wasn’t going to do exactly what she did.


I remember one of the Matt Helm novels (forget the satiric films) Helm has to palaver with the bad guy. He raises his fist straight up in the air. If he spreads his fingers, his sniper shoots the bad guy.

Me, for one. I was thinking back to Madison being a school counselor and this was gonna be her new project cause Nick gets killed. I have an active imagination:)

Good point.
I didn’t have a clue that she was a plant.

Nick really should’ve stayed inside. :smack:

Crap, I was correcf. I liked Nick and that little brat just plugged him. Shit.

Wow! Can’t believe that they killed Nick! I did like his character.

He grew on me, I initially didn’t like the character.
Are they making room for the new characters?

Perhaps that is the plan. I don’t even like Morgan, anymore…

He has gotten better for me. When he was nuts, I was hoping that he got whacked.

He is still nutty. I don’t think I like Dorrie. He comes off just a bit too hick-y. That may be by design, though. I am liking the story arc. Wheres Maddie? Are they searching for her?Why didnt Nick get info from the El Camino dude before he got impaled on the antlers?

Are they trying to make Garret Dillahunt sound like his Deadwood character? I never saw Deadwood.