February's Festering Fulminations (minirants)

Petty as it is, I object to be called a turd, even in jest and as it is Monday on the other side of the world here is the new rants thread.

With-out going into too much detail my current gripe (belongs in the work place rants I suppose), is that I’m currently being used to do extensive inventory data clean-up rather than the the operational stuff my job description entails…

That, and I have a low grade sinus cold that seems like it won’t ever go away.


I’ll be glad to see that absolute fail of a January thread title fall off the front page.

ETA: Just noted that it’s not actually February so my rant is that I still haven’t had enough coffee.

My birthday is coming up. And it USED to be mine all mine damnit.

NOW I have to share it with a toddler and a rescue dog, both of which are cuter than me.

I feel like I went into the Shark Tank with a good company and came out with a lollipop and a 33 percent share with Mr Wonderful owning the rest :frowning:

I have spent much of the weekend trying to get Linux–ANY Linux–to recognize my wi-fi dongle (a surprising challenge–did you know Puppy Linux doesn’t even have a sudo command so I can’t compile the driver?), recognize there is a wi-fi network available, AND realize that it is up and running enough to work with Win7, Android, and an iPad, so what the fuck.

The most micro of micro-rants: I just made a huge pot of soup and the forecast is for much above average temperatures for the rest of the week. Looks like it won’t even hit freezing again until Friday. What’s the point of comfort food if you’re not uncomfortable?

Ugh. Something that annoys me: going to a show or concert or other event where the audience is expected to be moderately quiet - and the person sitting next to you is loudly chomping gum with their mouth open for the entire show.

It happened when I went to a comedy show a week or two ago. Thankfully, the comedians were funny enough that I was paying attention to them instead of Mr. Gum Chomper.

I just had to go to the men’s room to make an adjustment; apparently a public hair had detached itself from its place of origin, and worked its way partially into my urethra, where it caused slightly annoying pain upon my normal movements, such as walking.

A much better title!

My useless cats!! Somehow we got a mouse in the house. :eek: Today I’ve been going nuts trying to figure out where it got in and what attracted it. Anyway, I heard a ruckus downstairs last night. Clearly something was going on. When I got there, my big orange cat Harley had the mouse cornered in the kitchen and had a FOOT on it. When he saw me he was like, "Oh, HI!!’, took his foot off the mouse and watched it run about ten feet where it disappeared under the refrigerator. :smack: The other cat, Twig, whom I think is more likely to actually kill it, spent most of the night downstairs in front of the refrigerator. She’s been sleeping all day.

I guess I’m only annoyed with Harley. Dumbass. He loves to beat the crap out of his toy mice so maybe he didn’t like the squishy, weird-smelling one. Twig at least tries. Harley came upstairs and went to bed a few minutes after he lost the mouse. :rolleyes:

Helena, we’ve discovered a mouse, too. I share a house with my brother and his fiancée and her 4 kids (cue the sitcom music). My sister-in-law (to be) is exasperated about how the cat, Buddy, hasn’t caught the mouse yet. I keep trying to tell her that there’s not much he can do. I keep trying to explain to her that he was declawed when she adopted him; the only thing he can do, basically, it spar with it.

No, cats commonly kill mice by biting the back of their neck (injuring the spinal cord). Even declawed cats can do this. But they usually have to have been shown this by another cat when they were a kitten.

It’s still January where I am. I refuse to rant about February until tomorrow, dammit!!!


half baked post deleted.

He’s just letting you know who’s in charge. He’s making sure you know he could catch it, but chooses not to.

Yeah, I’m just silently ranting in my head for three more hours (CST, though Zulu-6 sounds cooler)… but I do appreciate the new title.

I didn’t mind being a turd, but I’d rather be a fulminator.

I’ve been planning on studying at a (reputable) online university for a while. I’d picked out my course, checked the start dates, asked my boss if I could cut down my hours at work to 4 days a week to free up enough time to give it a proper go. All fine.

The course starts in April, so I’m ready to register. I tried to register online, and it comes up saying that because I did a course with them years back, I need to do it via phone. Fine. Call them up,and ask to register for the course starting in April. Except… It doesn’t. It starts in fecking October. The website says April, says I have a month left to register for the course, but apparently it’s not that course, it’s a totally different one that bears no relation to the course I was actually after, it just inexplicably gives the start date for a totally different module (I’m trying to register for a Sciences module, and all the dates are for a Business Studies one, no connection at all).

So, the course I wanted doesn’t start for 6 months. Oh, and by the way, they wouldn’t advise actually doing that one, because both it and the follow-on module are being discontinued immediately afterwards. None of which was on the website. It really didn’t help that the guy I wound up talking to really didn’t seem to get why I’d mind a 6 month difference in start date, and totally skimmed over the course discontinuation issue, but was utterly determined that I should understand that it was a different course code, which I honestly couldn’t give a crap about. Asking what the difference between the old course and the new updated course is should not get a response of spelling out the codes in the NATO alphabet, especially as the new course will not even be available to register for for over a year. That’s just… dumb.

I’ve spent weeks checking over all the available options on the website, deciding exactly what I wanted to do, planning it all out for this year, and apparently that was all a complete waste of time. Hopefully the boss will be OK with me putting back the hours change until October.

Freeze it for when you need it? :slight_smile:

Gotta go to work today with basically no sleep. Urgh.

Good news and bad news and also kinda gross. The good news is, I think I figured out why I keep getting infections in my left ear.

The bad news, I’m getting over a cold, blew my stuffy nose and much of the mucous bubbled out of my left ear. :eek: I think I have a hole in my ear connected to my sinuses.

That is not what I needed to read while eating lunch, thank you so very much.

What the fuck is with “easy weekday slow cooker meals” that have to cook for 6-7 hours on low or 2-3 hours on high?

That doesn’t fucking help! I’m gone from 7:40-5:20. I can make it home for lunch by 12:15, but the kids usually need to eat before 6:00. I don’t want my food overcooked, and the whole point of the crock pot is that I should just have to turn it on in the morning while I pack lunches, and then serve the meal when we get home from school/work.

Even worse, I just saw one for a breakfast casserole that needs to cook for 2-3 hours on high or 4-5 hours on low. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO WORK?! Should I get up in the middle of the goddamn night to prep the casserole? How is this more convenient? GAH!

I need two receipts for a charge on my work credit card, for a couple of travelers who stayed at a hotel a couple of weeks ago. I have called the hotel five times today and given them both my email address and my fax number, and each time they say, “Okay, I’m sending it now, call me if you don’t get it.” And I don’t fucking get it. I’ve even emailed them, and still nothing.

I’m about to call them again but I’m so frustrated I want to cry. If it wasn’t so late in the afternoon it’d probably be easier to hop in the car and drive the four hours to pick up the fucking receipts. :mad: