Feds bust Josh Duggar


No word yet as to why, but with the Feds involved it won’t be minor. Looks like 2021 isn’t going to be kind to asshole white boys.

Wanna bet it’s with a minor?

His wife is about to have their 7th child. I feel terrible for those kids.

She actually married him in large part to escape her own unhappy homelife.

I’m guessing child pornography is among the charges.

Fundiesnarkuncensored at reddit is going insane. Guesses range from child pornography to funny financial stuff at the used car lot to being involved in the Marshallese baby trafficking.

I have no idea - I only mentioned CP because if there’s probable cause reported, it’s fairly easy to obtain evidence. Feds go to the ISP and that’s that.

I guess I should be happy that although I had some vague impression that I’d heard the name “Josh Duggar” before, I had no idea if he was a politician, an athlete, a singer/actor, or a pathetic loser. Ref wiki, it turns out to be Door #4.

Daily Mail tweet says the arrest is “over 2019 raid on car dealership.” Buzzfeed says that the FBI says they are not involved. TMZ reported back in 2019 that federal officers were crawling all over the dealership “in connection to a federal probe.” Whatever that was about may be bearing fruit 2 years later.

Maybe he thought he was off the hook when nothing happened after nine months.

Left her unhappy homelife to become the brood mare for a known child molester. :frowning: She got a lot of flack for staying with him after the Ashley Madison leak, but it’s been pointed out to me that the ‘Quiverfull’ folks intentionally raise girls to be financially dependent on men – first their fathers, then their husbands. She’s stuck at this point.

And soon they will have their own dating site:

Sure, nothing is going to go wrong there.


I can see some of my relatives going for that without hesitation. (How can I be related to these people???)

Well, that’s creepy as fuck. :scream:


Josh Duggar formally charged with receiving and possessing child porn

It’s child pornography. Receiving and possession of. I’d link but weirdly I can’t copy and paste the entire address at the moment.

Considering the fact that he molested 4 younger siblings in about 2002, I’m really not surprised.

Wonder if it’s enough for CPS to get involved with his own kids. :frowning:

I’m guessing that receiving and possessing child pornography charges are just the start and that they’re looking to see if he didn’t also produce it. He’s looking at probably a decade behind bars already, and if it’s worse, he’s looking at federal imprisonment until well into mid-life.

His producing it hadn’t occurred to me. But I bet there are other fundie busy sweating right now.

I also think he thinks easy acquittal.

Look on the bright side–he is probably so unprepared for prison that 10 years would be a life sentence.