Feds bust Josh Duggar

What I’ve read before is that there is this sort of trade going on, where you trade one pic you have for another someone else has. Any pic that they can get elsewhere obviously wouldn’t be very valuable, and acquisition in any other way than trading is hard, meaning that a lot of the traded pics are self-produced. So I suspect anyone with a large library of pics to likely be a producer.

(I’m using pic to mean both images and video.)

I’m sure it will be as popular with women as Ashley Madison was - and I suspect a lot of closeted gay men would patronize both sites.

Seeing some other posts online, I was reminded that this is the Duggar kid who (allegedly?) molested his own sisters when they were underage. (Maybe this was mentioned in one of the link I didn’t click on.)

I remember saying at the time that I expected him to continue due to the lack of any real punishment.

I’m probably going to regret asking this, but what’s a soy boy?

A term based on a conspiracy theory that drinking soy milk is making men less “manly” (due to the phytoestrogens soy contains).

To me, it also contains connotations of being the type of person who wouldn’t drink good ol’ cows milk, but buys into the “liberal conspiracy” of eating more plant-based foods.

That’s what I was thinking.

It wasn’t alleged. It was real. The girls got the blame for tempting him. Even the five year old. He was put under the supervision of some law enforcement friend of his father (can’t remember his exact rank) who made him do a few months of physical labor. This same law enforcement guy was later convicted of either child porn or molestation or both.

I wonder if he was ever alone with little Josh.

And of course they’ve let him out. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(Kudos to the courtroom artist for the ghastly rendering of his smug face.)

Someone on another board said they thought the court must have hired the Potato Jesus lady.

In a spectacular example of rotten timing, Josh’s sister Jinger Duggar Vuolo released her new book this week, and various press outlets are excerpting sections where she discusses when Josh’s previous molestation scandal became public knowledge in 2015:

U.S. District Judge Christy Comstock said she was concerned about the community in which Duggar will be released.

“It’s not the average defendant who can operate in the black web and partition their computer and bypass sophisticated monitoring devices,” Comstock said.

Apparently home schooling can be quite…um…educational.

Back when I was 12-13 I spent a lot of time looking for porn of 12-13 year old girls. It is amazing what you can learn on the internet.

“Covenant Eyes?”

So you won’t nun of that porn.

Hunh? Word prediction run amok?

That was supposed to be “So you won’t get nun of that porn”.

Fair enough. Had to ask~it was unusual of you to be so cryptic.

But if he had looked at nun porn he wouldn’t be making headlines right now. Of course, his family might have given him the boot for dabbling in Catholicism…