Feed your head: White Rabbit isolated vocals

Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit with Grace Slick’s vocals only. Very cool and powerful.

The thing I love most about isolated tracks like that is that I can hear all the little fuck-ups and extraneous sounds. Makes me feel better about some of my own recordings and the little inconsequential things that I ignore in certain takes in favor of the overall performance.

Wow. Just … wow. Amazing voice.

What would be some other cuts to do this with? [Yes, I see the other such JA cuts over there] A Kate Bush cut?

Found one of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Wow, goosebumps! Very cool, thanks for sharing it!

Just amazing. Always loved Grace’s voice, and without the music the phrasing comes through perfectly.

Better yet, check out “Somebody To Love.” There were harmonies and vocal gymnastics there that nobody suspected (unless you saw them live, of course. That’s when they really shone, vocal-wise."

Now I’m curious…

Link to some of your stuff?