Feelin' optimistic about sdmb …

quite a bit different, the upgraded website … nice to see those posts which had been active are still active … and not archived. also, nice to see the staff is still working on things that did not pull through cleanly (e.g. spoiler-tags).

one thing that had griped me about the old website … difficult lining up list of threads on left-side with date/person posting on right-side. thankfully, this has been resolved … with a simple line between each post. thanks for that.

somethin’ else i liked … keeping my user-panel open to my previous posts … responded to a post … immediately, this reply posted in to my user-panel … without needing to ‘refresh’ the page. another upgrade … ability to include images now … rather than hosting one’s own image and offering hotlink.

i had previously verified my email … logging in to the new website, my ‘simple’ password refused to work … so, i simply entered my email to the pw-change request … and, voilà!

happy independence day to all.

Yes, I’m liking it more and more, too. Congrats to the staff and all involved in the switch!

I’m adjusting.

I intend to stick around.

Currently having some frustrations on character limits for posts and limits for sequential posts - some answers require quite a bit of verbiage, particularly when giving cites and examples. I want discussions, not Twitter or Facebook.

Yes, I’d say the limit should be increased to at least 6000.

Once I switched to “simple sam” theme, most of my visual/presentation issues went away. I’m adjusting and look forward to fixes and improvements in the future.

I wish it worked on mobile.

I’m adjusting, slowly. The learning curve is steeper than I thought and I’m on mobile only. But, as I’ve mentioned, this is what we’ve got. The old site needed to be taken to the back of the barn and shot.

When I quit playing Hamlet and actually buy a new laptop, I’ll see how it is there.

I’m mobile so little, at least when using the Dope, it has yet to impact me. I may have to look into what I should do for mobile use.

I’m adjusting. I switched from Sam to Vincent. I’m liking it.

I want so much for all Dopers to come back. This is a big upheaval, we can get used to it.

If I can figure it out anyone can. I have allergies to tech stuff, it seems. And I’m doing ok.

If you have issues ask for help.

@Beckdawrek, I happen to agree with you (not about themes – I haven’t tried Vincent, I’m happy with Straight Dope Light) but with sticking with what we have and getting used to it, because really it’s pretty good, all things considered. OTOH, you’re an optimist about everything. That’s why we love you. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Praise be, I think I now have it pretty much figured out. All in all, it’s been a change for the better, and I’m especially glad not to have so many #$%^! error messages and timeouts.

Those errors were eatin’ my lunch! :blush: