Wow, I hate this new format

It’ll take a while to get used to it. What was wrong with thw ay it was?

Yeah, hate is pretty much my first reaction.

The old format caused spelling errors that made some posters sound like old Warner Brothers cartoon characters. The new one is supposed to address that but I am not sure it is working so far.

It’s fairly bad. The text needs to be shrunk with NoSquint or something to make it legible. The new Reply buttons are bellowing and the bars are harsh. The post buttons for replys are unfinished.

It seems to have been purposed to force an old Leaderboard advert on people with adblocking ( uBlock Origin needed resetting in any event ). Unfortunately the leaderboard is repeated exactly after every 5 posts.

Now I see new embedded ads every fifth post or so. I have this odd craving for a white whale, but I don’t know why.

Let’s see - worse look, more ads. Sounds like a typical SD “upgrade”.

I get it that they need to upgrade the format for people using tablets and smart phones, but the format now has some serious issues for users with a large monitor.

What the ever loving fuck happened? I thought I had had a stoke!

New format?

It needs some tiny aesthetic tweaking, like some whitespace added in some places, and removed from other places, and unfortunately none of my Greasemonkey scripts work anymore. But I do not condemn it yet.

Wow!!! Bad board. Bad, bad board.
Go sit on the naughty step.
And don’t come back till you learn to behave normally, like you used to.

My screen looks like the worst aspects of Windows 8. (i.e it looks like a Fisher-Price toy for toddlers).
The reply box is HUGE and it so BRIGHT if hurts my eyes. (but I suppose it’s easier for some obese person with fat fingers to press on his mobile).
The BIG BLUE BAR between each post is obnoxious, and totally unnecessary. (no matter how fat your fingers are, you don’t need such a thick line between posts)
The “Reply with quote” is too faded and harder to see…
The login box is invisible. The password box is visible, but I had to guess where to type my user name
Please remind the Powers That Be that the average age of posters on this board is best described as “old farts”.
We don’t need all this new-fangled stuff.

It looks like crap and now I see ad’s. Not a good combination when I was drifting away from the place anyway.

I mean, you are forcing ads on me? That only ends one way.

huh? Spelling errors are caused by, well,…people who don’t know how to spell.

typing errors, on the other hand, are often caused by autocorrect

And none of the changes I see here will improve any of those errors.

so everybody complains because SDMB never updates their old version of vBulletin, and now that they’ve updated it everyone complains.

sorry they moved your cheese.

One hopes that updates would be an improvement. This isn’t that.

Yeah, thats going to be the stock response from a lot of people. “You just don’t like change”.


Some aspects definitely suck, but the fact that there are hard-coded “ads” for a tablet that’s no longer being produced makes me think they’re not done fiddling with stuff yet.

It’s really not that different. everything is pretty much in the same place it was before.

I’ve been around sites like Ars Technica for a long damn time (18 years in the case of that one.) Every time they change the site design, people scream about how horrible it is and how much better the previous one was.

And it’s always the same people.

And there I was thinking it was just me and some sort of Windows glitch.

Thanks for the heads-up Mods…a warning might have been nice. :dubious:

Moving this to ATMB since it’s about this message board.

Anyone hand with writing Stylish scripts? Maybe they can write something to get rid of the incredibly excessive amount of blank space?