Looks good....

Nice style update SDMB. Any new features?

I liked it too… once I realized something hadn’t happened to my browser sizing or my browser settings. :smiley:

Unless it makes reading the board easier on my phone, which it does, so this change is good.

I fucking hate it. It’d be different if we could choose a different skin (like on other VB boards), but each post now being headered by dark blue is fucking ugly. Ditto for the bigger font and reply buttons.

Looks like Windows Safe Mode. I feel like all my icons are going to be in different places when I close the browser. On the other hand, it’s nice to remember what IE looked like with Win 3.1.

How can I toggle between forums?

(I do appreciate the multi-quote feature.)



We always (well, for quite a while anyways) had multiquote, it just didn’t have the word next to it…Actually, I think it sometimes would for a second until the page finished loading.

Just noticed that the “Join Date:, Location:, Posts:” info isn’t right justified, but left floating in relation to post size. That’s just bad design.

This is distractingly ugly. First update in like 50 years for this? Is there some style option we can use to revert it?

The bars are too big, the distance between stuff is terrible, it just looks amatuerish.

This is terrible on my phone.

It’s very “Turn of the Millennium” but not quite “Web 2.0”

I guessing/hoping something got reset. Was this an update/upgrade? It looks like we’re on 3.8, with 5 being the current version. I don’t remember what we were on before, but I would have guessed we would have upgraded to 4 if we made a move.

So, maybe they got it up and running and went home for the night?


Yeah that looks kind of old school amateur.

How do I turn off my signature or delete it so I don’t have to unclick the box for every post? It has no option to edit the signature under my profile.

Unless they’re still making changes (since I never use it and didn’t look until I read this), I have it, it’s right there at the bottom.

Edit…yup, they’re still making changes, one of those ‘go to top’ arrows just showed up, I fucking hate those. Get rid of that, I really, really hate those go to top buttons. I never use them and they irrationally distract me.

Edit 2: You edited your post and the change was reflected in my post…I don’t like that either. Not in this case, it’s no big deal, just in general. That could have some nasty ramifications.

I’m curious what happens if people mess around with editing/changing/snipping quotes and then the author changes it, or the other way around. If they keep that feature, it’s something to play with.

Well, maybe on the next release the servers can detect desktop vs mobile and hand out the appropriate CSS or whatever it is that the cool kids are using. On a desktop Mac and Safari, the bold purple bars are a bit distracting.

More importantly, search isn’t working. Either on a quick search or advanced, when I enter a search term and click Go, I get a completely blank page. Reloading or going back and trying again gives the usual error about needing to wait 120 seconds.

On my iPad, the Edit/Quote/MultiQuote/QuickReply buttons under the posts are sometimes just buttons, sometimes accompanied by text hyperlinks.