Feeling a little fruity...

The other day when I was out shopping I was taking my usual stroll through the fruits and veggies when some thing stuck me. I picked up the apple that my wife threw at me :slight_smile: and looked around at the variety of fruits that are available and I wondered…Why is most fruit round??

No I know some of you are going to throw out the old “star fruit isn’t round, neither is a bananna” but if you look generally speaking most of it is roundish. WHY ?

It’s all a conspiracy, the fruit industry only wants to manufacture round fruit to please the government.

Seriously, I think it probably has something to do with distribution of seeds, but I’ll wait for someone more qualified to sign off on that theory.

Well, since the apple that Adam and Eve ate was round, it obviously has to do with a conspircy with the Devil. Also while you are making up your list of round fruit, don’t forget the tomato.

The sphere is the most efficient shape for covering the maximum volume with the minimum amount of surface area. Round fruit get the most pump for the minimum amount of skin. Minimum surface area per mass also helps them last longer.

Most fruit is round NOW, but don’t count on it staying that way forever. They are currently genetically engineering tomatoes to make them SQUARE- that way farmers can pack them more easily into crates. Here’s the proof-


Kniz, the Bible does not say it was an apple. It just says they ate a fruit. Everyone just assumes it was an apple, and it may very well have been so.

I was just taking a little artistic license. It could have been a tomato (you are aware that in ancient times there was a tomato tree, right?).