Felching, part deux (bukaki (sp?) film)

Yesterday morning, Howard Stern was discussing a bukaki (sp?) porno film, which apparently involved burying a woman in sand so that only her head and breasts were exposed and then a couple of guys “decorated” her. My question is, with what? He was pretty grossed out, so I’m guessing it was feces, although there are, of course, any number of substances that could be involved.

I was working overseas and for a while we were getting a satellite porno channel of very low quality porn. I turned it on once and there was a home made flick on. About twenty plus young Japanese males were in a room with a mattress on the floor. There was one rather cute friendly nude Japanese woman who was blowing them all one by one. After extended foreplay the film’s finale was all these guys ejaculating on her face as she knelt on the mattress. She was well “decorated”. She looked like a glazed doughnut and, yes, it was certainly disgusting.

Well, that certainly fits MY definition of “friendly”! :smiley:

Yer pal,

Some call it a “pearl necklace.”

Nickrz, quite a big one, wouldn’t you say?

From the English “Viz” comics (a delightful source of some of the world’s rudest most offensive and very funny comic strips); “Roger’s Profanisaurus” - a collection of expletives, obscenities & euphemisms:

““jelly jewellery” n. The earings, nose studs, fancy spectacles and other facial adornments a lucky lady sometimes receives when her partner intended to give her a pearl necklace.”

I thought that was called “scuba-ing”.

Throw the word “facials” in a search engine and you won’t be looking at cucumber slices or mudpacks. Or maybe you will…