Fellow Health-Pros: Scrubs Question

After a really long search, I finally found some scrubs that are that weird almost sea-foam green color that used to be standard issue for OR’s and the kind that many of us :slight_smile: stole from the hospitals we used to work in. (This is as opposed to that bright-green color that no one wants to steal! ;))

The only problem I have is that the scrubs I found are new and a darker shade than the set I have from years ago and which feel really soft against the skin. (Almost like PJ’s).

So I’m thinking: Would it be possible to add just enough bleach to the new set of scrubs to lighten them up? ( I know I won’t be able to soften them up - different material ).
Have any of you ever done this? I just want them to look like my present pair which are fast wearing out, especially in the ass-part, which are so threadbare (one really good fart, and it’s all over for the pants!) I may have to retire them soon anyway.

So, can it be done?



I doubt you can achieve the color you seek by bleaching the bright green scrubs. However, many uniform catalogs offer scrubs in just about any color you like and you may even be able to find some in the good material. Ask the OR/PACU/ICU nurses to give you some of their catalogs. They arrive, unbidden, in nurses’ mailboxes all the time.

I realize that paying for scrubs goes against the grain, but it is the only way I can think of to meet your stringent requirements.

ejrn: It wasn’t the bright green ones I wanted to bleach, rather the sea-foam green style ones I just found, but no matter, the same reasoning probably applies to both.

Been through the catalogs. Nada. The ones did find I found at a uniform sale here at my hospital. Some company no one had ever heard of…

Appreciate the answer. Any other opinions out there?



I was kinda hopin’ someone would write and say, “Hey Quas’! I got oodles of them ol’ seafoam-green OR scrubs I don’t need anymore! Wanna buy 'em?”

[hint] They would have to be large pants and X-L shirt[/hint]



While it is true I have… hrrrrrrrumph… acquired some seafoam green scrubs, they are perhaps a size too small. However, the hospitals here have not changed colours to bright green. I don’t know if bleach would work.

Dying your shoes seafoam for your best friend’s wedding? Priceless.

Quasi, if you want to have them bleach out a little to get the right color. Take them to a Commercial Laundry. They have a tendency to use a little stronger soap than most people do at home. After 4 or 5 trips the color may be the right color for you.

I wouldn’t recommend bleaching them as this weakens the material. This may lead to one of those most comic moments of SCS - aka Split Crotch Symdrome… :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to love the soft green pj type ones too, but they were hard to find in the outbacks of Colorado. When I moved to California still had no luck. I think those were special scrubs.

So what did I do? Made my own. You can pick up a pattern anywhere (Wal-Mart is where I bought mine). Then you can choose the fabric. They take about 2 hours to cut out and sew together (both the top and bottoms).

I was the talk of the ward and had the most interesting and comfy scrubs in the world. :cool:

You can go out to the river, SCRUB them over some rough rocks, then let them sit out in the hot sun for a couple of days. (For a natural bleaching affect)


Then for the final washing, use some really cheap, harsh detergent in hot water a couple of times. Toss in the drier with your choice of fabric softener.

Sounds like a cool idea, Washte. Only thing is, I’m a guy and sewcially challenged;). Still, I might find someone to do this for me, right? What kind of fabric did you use?

Thanks for the suggestion!


Sew sorry to hear you are sewcially challenged in the art of sewing :O)

They are quite easy really. With trouser side-pockets a bit more tricky but manageable for even a sewing misfit like myself.

The one set I remeber most was rather interesting to say the least. I found a very soft fabric in a rather bold Aztecy type pattern (bright primary colours). It was my first attempt. Whipped it all together in about 3.5 hours (couldn’t figure out how to work the sewing machine) just in time for my evening shift. The residents absolutely loved my outfit. The aides thought they were great and asked where they could get a set. I explained I’d made them and so on. Needless to say I ended up making sets of scrubs for several of the nurses and aides throughout the convalescent hospital.

The best type of fabric is one with a bit of give. If you get the stiff, starched, type it takes quite some time to ‘break in’ and get to that lovely soft stage. Try to avoid really stretch though, or it will twist when you sew and not look very professional. Cotton is best as it deals with sweat beter than a polyester fabric that can leave you feeling sticky and slimy… eew.

Depending on where you work the patterns you’ll be allowed to choose. I’ve had frogs, teddy bears, and all sorts of patterned tops. It was useful to have solid bottoms to mix and match with patterned tops.

You could always get someone with more sewing experience to make them for you for a few bucks, or beer/wine bribes worked with me :O)

Hope you find this sew useful…

I have some of those nice seafoam OR scrubs, but you can’t have 'em! They’re too small for you, anyway. I’m keeping my eyes open for more, though- If I find 'em, I’ll let you know!
I know what you mean about them. They are so soft and nice- not like the kind from Wal-Mart or the uniform sales. Ack.




But thanks for keeping your eyes open for me! :slight_smile:

My e-mail address is in my profile in case you find some or anyone has some for sale!