My Never-Ending Quest: Seafoam Green Scrubs

Fellow Med-Pros: Got a set you wanna sell me? To further define what I mean, this is an old “surgery” color set of scrubs that we wore before they started issuing these ugly, “emerald green” colored ones that have Hospital Property stamped all over them. Ring a bell with anyone?

Anyway, I am on my last pair the pants of which are so thin in the seat, one good loudenboomer, and it’s all over with. I have to be real careful what color jockeys I wear underneath, that is how thin they are. :smiley:

Been to E-bay, but no go. I’m not 100% sure that this is the color name, but after looking at the Jasco catalog and seeing a color sample for a stethoscope (no, they don’t have the scrubs), that is as close as I can come to it.

So if you have a decent looking pair (large pants, XL shirt) you would like to part with, please let me know by posting here. If they have the name of a hospital printed on them, that’s okay!



Hey, QM. Got a military hospital around there? If so, they use/sell those specific scrubs. If not, let me know. There’s one around here, and I’ll pick some up for you. Email me.

Here. this might work, too. I know, I know, the fabric that you want is that cotton blend stuff, but I’m not even sure they make those anymore.

ebay is your friend

Unisex Scrubs New Tops 2 each

astro: Thanks for the link. Way too big, and it may be due to the lighting, but those tops don’t look like the color I’m after.

Maureen: An e-mail is on the way to you. Thanks!


This site has scrubs of Seafoam Green. Mrs Fireman just ordered from them so they should have some.

Quasi, I can’t believe you just posted that- the last hospital I subsituted at had seafoam green scrubs, and I thought about skeiving a pair for you, but I couldn’t recall what size. So I was JUST thinking about this week before last. I know what you mean, too- those are the best scrubs EVER. I’m going to check fireman’s link out myself.

Zette: You were thinking about me? Awwwww. That is so sweet of you to tell me that! I don’t even care that you weren’t able to “skeive” me a pair of scrubs! You just made my whole Sunday! Thank you! :slight_smile:


Oh, and Fireman, thanks so much for the link. I’m waiting on a reply from them about a discrepancy in their colors. The color sample states “Seafoam Green”, but the drop down menu only mentions “Sea Spray”. I know I’m probably being way too anal, but I just wanna be sure they’re right before I order. :smiley:


Quasi, it was funny- I’m walking along the hallway on the way to the pharmacy and I pass the clean linens area- there were carts all in the hallway waiting to get delivered, I guess. All of a sudden I see them- RACKS of seafoam green scrubs. I thought of you immediately! And I’m not above skeiving scrubs, but there was no way to tell sizes and stuff without disturbing the whole bunch of them. After walking around the hospital a bit, it appears those are the standard issue for those workers.

The ones I used to have were really super soft- I don’t know if it was because they were previously worn a lot (hospital issue, throw in the dirty bin and get a new pair every day) or what, but they were 100x better then the scrubs you find in stores. I feel your pain on your quest for them.

PS- what size are you looking for, in case I ever come across them again in a store or…whatever?

Quasi, I’ll have to email you a picture of the set that I have.(Provided I can find it.) If it’s the color you’re looking for, it’s yours. I just have to dig them out of a box of clothes I’ve had packed up since April, so it may take a day or two. :smiley:

Dear Santa

I have been a good bell-ringer all year and the only thing I would like is World Peace.

And a set of seafoam green scrubs.

Large pants and XL shirt.


I will leave cookies and milk near the fireplace.

I have some in a size 3t. Of course, the pocket on the top is just drawn on.

A few years ago U-M hospitals got some that had U-M all over them, so they’d be stolen less. I think they got stolen more after that. Hee.

Quasi, do you mean the old-time 100% cotton ones, reversible, with pockets inside and out? Cotton Scrubs Shop may have what you’re looking for. The color is Misty.

The of the material used for cotton scrubs seems to be cotton sheeting, which is not quite as soft as the scrubs I had years ago. It IS better than that poly/cotten blend used today.

OOOOHHH!!! peri, those are them!! They even have the rose colored drawstrings!!

I think what you actually want is what I always called “surgery green”, which isn’t exactly seafoam. Seafoam is more pastel than that, and slightly more yellow. It’s not a popular color anymore, but I think a lot of companies still make it. I know when I worked at Life Uniform five years ago, Angelica still made basic unisex scrubs in that color. If you have a local Life Uniform, go ask them for help. They won’t have that color in stock, most likely, but they can order it. Since they’re owned by Angelica, they should be able to track down that color. Even if it’s discontinued, they should be able to get you whatever’s still in the warehouse.

Check out these, scrubs in Hawaiian shirt material (I can attest to the quality of the shirts, they are outstanding)


Oh, I finally remembered the name of that color: spearmint.