Female breasts and male guilt

Oops. Steve Martin is correct, but in my defense, I was also thinking of George and his 7 words.

But I still like’em! :smiley: Also, I find a one piece swimsuit far more attractive than a bikini. In my estimation veryfew women can wear bikinis well.

The Steve Martin routine can be found on “Let’s Get Small”. He’s comparing his modest stand-up routine to the large shows in Vegas.

“Wow, lookit the tits! I’ll bet there’s… fifty-seven tits up there!”

lust… somehow I thought lust should’ve been the next word…
Although I admit that I’ve been attracted to small-breasted women also. Hmmm… Maybe it’s just because they’re women? :slight_smile:

I recently read a post (I tried to link to the post on Deja-Google, and it didn’t work. Sorry :frowning: )on alt.fan.cecil-adams from someone who claims that there is a vast conspiracy among plastic surgeons to make the majority of women unhappy about their breast size. This person called it something like the “Goldilocks principle”–for “not too big, not too small”. Apparently, plastic surgeons saw a slump in breast augmentation after the problems with silicone implants, so now they are pushing for “Goldilocks” boobs and making as much money as before, and most breast reductions are covered by insurance, to boot.

I tried a Google search to see if there were any web pages on this topic, and I came up with some pretty bizarre links, none relavant.

If there is a “Goldilocks principle”, I bet that the fashion industry helps their cause quite a bit. Just about every single outfit, swimsuit, bikini, or whatever, no matter what the size, is cut to fit a woman with a “B” cup. Smaller and larger-breasted women just have to “make do” or make it themselves (if they can alter the pattern…they’re drawn that way, too.) It’s tough to find bras in large sizes as well. I agree with Necromonhttp://www.plussizebras.org/ is a big help.

I don’t have backaches, and once I finally found a properly-fitting bra, I stopped having problems with the bra digging into my shoulders as well. I also haven’t noticed people having trouble paying attention to what I have to say, but maybe I just don’t know any better ;). My seatbelt fits perfectly between them, too.

dougie_monty, if you want to help us “full figure” types, you should encourage bra manufacturers to make more bras in cup sizes above DD. When we have more comfortable undergarments, we are more comfortable, and you can be guilt-free :D.

I thank Tamex and others for some cogent points. My own experience with women and breasts has another facet: My own mother, not unusually endowed, had to have a mastectomy, at the age of 58. (She had been a heavy smoker.)
I guess the only worse thing is for a woman who loses her life because of breast cancer–as one of my law teachers did. And it’s certainly a matter of grief for a man whose wife has died due to this. :frowning:

When’s smug gonna come in here and make a song about tits? I’m waiting!!


Yes you get backaches sometimes. Headaches I have never related to my breast, so I dont know.

TUBA, you know they get in the way,
like your armpits or something?
YES GUYS WHEN YOU DONT wear a bra your DD’S fall into the your armpits!

-personal experience
As for most babies being fed via formula, its cause its hard as h*ll to get a baby to breast feed. Its suppossed to be this easy, natural, way to feed your baby.

Come talk to me when you have TOE-CURLING pain from a baby suckin on your sore, swollen about to burst nipples!
Especially if the baby is latched on wrong you can get blisters etc. not an easy thing to go through.

Screw you mandi! Your the one who has a problem with my saggy boobs, not me! what do you expect from DD’s? geez.

You know you love me!

I just cant believe you go out of the house without a bra on.

You could poke someones Eyes out with them things!

Objects Under Shirt Are Bigger Than They Appear

I hate those “minimizer” bras that push your boobs into your armpits (or, even worse, into the middle for that “uniboob” look.)

That’s all.

It is a very easy, natural way to feed your baby…once you have about six months experience, that is. Once I got over that learning curve, I couldn’t believe how lugging around a bunch of bottles, formula, etc. had ever seemed like it might be more “convenient” before.