Female breasts and male guilt

Every now and then I read an article in a newspaper or magazine or book about a busty woman, or busty women in general, suffering backaches. Is this invariable? Color me neurotic, but I sense that I should conclude from this that the male predilection for a full-bosomed woman carries a strong negative connotation–that a well-endowed woman pays a price in backaches, headaches, etc., for such an issue of an element of the appeal Woman has for Man.
I’d like to think that such guilt is not invariable–but I’ll leave it to the Teeming Female Millions to educate me on this. Yes or No. :slight_smile:

Hey, Dougie, want a rationalization?

 We are looking out for our progeny. Those large breasts  will be where our offspring feed, so we have a primitive instinct to search out large breasted women so they will be well-fed and more likely to survive. You're not doing it for yourself, you are doing it for your children! You're a noble hero! You are putting them first!

[sub] anyone buy that? [/sub]

[sub] Didn’t think so. Now the obligatory breast joke…Ok, why are breasts like electric trains? They’re designed for the kids, but dad always wants to play with them… [/sub]

No guilt here. I am an assman! err… did that come out right?
I mean, I like womens butts! Flat chested, big breasted…
who cares? Are you getting any? That is the question.

Not even close. Especially not in the day and age when more babies are fed from bottles of instant formula than from the mother’s breast anyway.

I didn’t ask for these. If you think they’re so important, I’ll give you half of mine with which you can feed your future offspring! Then I’ll be happy because I won’t have the backaches or have to wrap myself like a burrito around the chest to keep them higher. And you’ll be happy because your progeny will be well fed. Deal? :smiley:

I think that covers both that and the OP!

To answer your first question… YES. Breasts cause all women enormous amounts of trouble. We suffer backache, neck cramps, headaches, and bra-pinching to name a few. Not to mention the trouble in finding a bikini top that fits AND matches a bottom. Oh, they get in the way of seatbelts, trying to see if our shoes are dirty, and lets not even talk about what it’s like trying to eat soup. Also, the bigger they are, the dumber we seem. When we finish talking to a man in a bar, a guy’s friend will ask, “What did she say”?.. The reply, “I dunno… all I heard was a lot of babbling nonsense”. This is caused by a medical condition known as Mammarial Synapse Interruptus, in which the male brain waves become temporarily inactive when in proximity of breasts. You see, after initial hello’s, us girls usually attempt to discuss quantum physics, but nobody ever hears us. For this same reason, few know of that medical condition. Several female physicians have attempted to explain it to the masses, but it’s a catch-22. As soon as men see breasts, what they hear is like a foreign language. Only us girls are aware of it. To answer your second question, YES. You should feel guilt… a terrible, shaming guilt. Even the mere thought of a shapely sweater should give you anxiety and cold sweat. In fact, you should tremble, get weak in the knees and break down into tears of pure unadulterated pity simply by the sight of a chicken breast sandwich. Only when you can truly accept this guilt, can you start your journey to treatment.

I hope this helps, and feel free to get ahold of me should you have any other questions regarding guilt :smiley:

I don’t know about the whole guilt thing. My breast are the first thing my husband noticed when he saw me. He thinks they are wonderful. I like that since I don’t think I am attractive. As for the backaches, I’ve never had any from my DD’s. I’m a tall, strong woman though, being 5,10’. I kinda like the attention I might get from that. it may be due to poor self-esteem to some, but I like to think some poeple find me attractive. I’m also highly intelligent and usually my wry conversation keeps guys from gettng stuck in “Mammarial Synapse Interruptus”, as Tequila Mockingbord mentioned.

So, no, I don’t think you should feel guilty about loving large breasts. I’m just happy that many men like the bigger bodies that go with large nreasts as well.

Oh trust me, I do. :slight_smile:

Hey, man! It works both ways!

My knees are KILLING ME from my balls knocking into them all the time…

Yer pal,

All I heard was a lot of babbling nonsense…

Yeah, but did you see those tits?!?!?!?!

This is why everybody should send their pictures to Shayna at the SD People Pages. If your picture were up (I’ve put the link in my “favorites” so I can refer to it at a moment’s notice) we could all look at it and say, Why, you’re ravishingly beautiful, tubagirl!

My man is a breast man. He has no guilt, no shame, in fact, he’s damn proud of it (A long time fan of Voluptuous). It’s the first thing he noticed about me, and most women, if they’re a DD or over. But for him, breasts are not the end all, be all. He has dated several women before me who had bigger breasts (and smaller), but didn’t stay with them for whatever reason, be it attitude, psychos, intelligence. I don’t think you should feel guilt!

And on the problems issue: I love my 34EE’s. I don’t have backaches, but I think that has to do with posture and finding a bra that fits properly. Don’t ever trust sales people at a store, they’ll just try to get you to buy one, even if it doesn’t fit! I found a website that has great info on fitting and finding bras: http://www.plussizebras.org/

Anyway, hope that answers the OP, and helps to relieve that guilt!

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Well, maybe I'll stop by and give you a hand holding them up....:D

TM, A friend of mine had the mismatch size problem, but there was a specialty mailorder place that let you order, for example, a size 10 bottom and 14 top. You might want to look into it.

  1. The person behind the breasts is the most important thing. I’ve dated women with very large (and with very small) breasts, but I stuck with the ones I did because we had things in common.

  2. That said, I know I’m a fan of large breasts, and that this is deep-rooted. It’s hard-wired in. I don’t think this is a cultural preference, and that the ever-irritating Desmond Morris is correct on this issue. Rounded female breasts send a powerful erotic signal. It’s not based on any Freudian infantile obsession, but on a set group of signals. Ultimately, i think that well-rounded breasts (and other features) confirms that the possessor is well-nourished, the same way a cock’s comb apparently signals the same thing. (I have to admit that I prefer larger than average breasts. I don’t know why, but I definitely do. Shy of Clockwork-Orange style aversion therapy, I don’t think I could change that.)

  3. I don’t feel guilty about the problems of larger-breasted women (although I do appreciate them more), so I figure I might as well enjoy the sight.

  4. I have an aversion to unneccessary surgery, either to enhance or reduce. Ever since I had plastic surgery on my face (to fix the result of an accident) I have become aware that it’s generally not a good idea to screw around with your body if you can avoid it.

  5. I concede that I might feel differently about #4 if I had to lug around a couple of ten pounds breasts all the time, and it started affecting my back.

I thank all of the Dopers who have answered my OP question–and quite well, at that. The replies have furnished me with a much wider perspective on the matter, for which I thank the Teeming Female Millions. :slight_smile: And I guess it is proper for me to ‘appraise the whole woman,’ if “appraise” is in fact the proper verb here.
I guess a paraphrase of Forrest Gump is called for here: “Beautiful is as beautiful does.” In fact I went to high school with a girl (who is 51 now) to whom I once wrote that even if I had been born blind, I would consider her beautiful. The “bonus,” so to speak, was that she won a local beauty contest a few years after high school. (Yeah, like she wouldn’t win a beauty contest–yeah, right.)
If I knew two women, one a 34B with the kindest, sweetest personality I’ve ever encountered and one with 40DDs and the personality of the witch in Snow White, there’s no question but that I would be attracted to the former and repelled from the latter, big boobs or no big boobs.

Well said, Dougie :slight_smile:

And that’s what we are here for: To help in any way we can, however sarcastic we may be :smiley:

Hey KK, Tristan, Speaker… ( o )Y( o ) hahhhah :stuck_out_tongue:

And a happy Valentine’s day to you two! :slight_smile:

[sub]That was a typo. Really.[/sub]

“Wow! Look at all the tits!!! There must be…57 tits up there!”

           - George Carlin

I enjoy my bias, thenkyewverymuch; I also like necks; Stephanie Powers in the opening sequence to Hart to Hart just sent me into paroxyms of lust.


Hmm, I thought that was from an old Steve Martin routine about a preacher watching Vegas floor show, “there must be 47 tits up there. It was painful for me to watch, as they danced before me, stepping all over my tongue.”

But as George did say in the seven words you can’t say on television, “tits” is a friendly word. I make no apologies and feel no guilt for being keen on large breasts and the lovely laidies that own them. Fortuitous that I changed my sig recently.

Hey dougie, get a grip. Men have nothing to do with how big a womans breasts are. Unless we happen to spring for a set of implants, otherwise its genetic. Not “all men’s fault”.

I’m an ass-man, but nevertheless I really get turned on by nice tits. Notice I said, nice, not big. I’d be willing to wager that the vast majority of men are more concerned with the shape than the size. I’d be willing to state that the odds of a girl with smaller breasts looking good are better than a set of really big ones, gravity being biased and all. Not that everyone agrees with my definition of “looking good” either.

So, should we feel guilty, most definately not. Should women blame men for their sore backs? Hell no. Are breast reduction surgeries a good idea, its debatable, but if I were a woman I wouldn’t do it. Does every woman hate her breasts? A giant screaming no!

Sure, alot of women are unhappy with the way they are built. So are alot of men. Breast size isn’t universally independant of eating habits and what kind of shape you’re in. Some of those backaches and headaches could be prevented with good posture, excersize, and good overall health. The point being that the things that trouble people, women in this case, are vast and varied, the solutions are equally diverse. There’s nothing to feel guilty about.