Female dopers, would you still be attractive without your hair?

I started thinning at a young age and I’ve got to admit I really didn’t mind losing my hair all that much as I’ve got a reasonably well shaped skull, and in some ways I kind of like the way I look sans hair, more than I did when I had hair.

I see the news story of Britney Spears shave-down and the people’s reactions (mostly women) as if she’s absolutely lost her mind. It’s obvious that hair is huge part of many women’s identity, so I am curious how would you get along without your hair? How would you look bald? Hot or not? Would you give good skull?

My ears kind of stick out a little bit. It’s not that noticeable right now, because I have hair, but I think I’d look pretty funny without bald. That being said, some woman can really pull off that look; I’m just not one of them.

I would look terrible. I’m already short and fat with a small head. If I shaved my head, I’d look like a snowman with a tennis ball for a head. In about that proportion.

I’m keeping my hair.

Probably more attractive without hair. My hair always looks like hell, but I’m in no way brave enough to shave it off.

I said on the other thread that I’ve always wanted to, but the fact is that my head is tall and oblong, and kind of flat on the back, and I would look really stupid. My college roomie had a beautiful head, and at one point considered taking the plunge; I think she would have looked gorgeous, but it’s hard to tell until it happens.

I think baldness can be really beautiful on a woman, but it does have to be the right head.

I think you’d need pretty strong features to pull it off. I quite like the shape of my head, but I don’t think I have the face to pull it off. Plus I’m quite vain about my hair. :slight_smile:

I had a buzz cut once. It wasn’t my best look, but I don’t think I looked hideous. It just wasn’t me.

It’s harder to have hair that short and still look pretty. Petite, slender types with perfectly round heads can pull it off easily. Anyone else is taking a big risk.

I’m not particulary vain – having little to be vain about – but I do love my hair, which is thick and straight and shiny and a really rich shade of brown, with a great silver streak in it.

What would it take to get me to shave my head? A million dollars? Nah, I’d do it for $100K… but no less.

And I’d probably grow it back out again immediately.

I have no idea, I’ve never seen my head without hair. I agree poor Brit has an unfortunate bumpy head that is not very attractive without hair. But honestly, how could she have known that before removing her hair?

I think just due to my weight and double chins I wouldn’t look good. I agree that shaved heads can be adorable on little dark pixieish women. I’m more your Celtic farmer’s wife shape and color. But the head itself - I have no idea what mine looks like.

I’ve been told that I would, but I doubt I’ll ever find out. It could be an interesting experiment, but since my hair grows slowly, it would be one I’d be stuck with for a long time.

I would look like hell. Couldn’t get over how gorgeous Sinead O’Connor was without hair. Life just ain’t fair sometimes.

At the rate I’m going, I may find out sooner rather than later. :frowning: I’ve always had thin, fine hair, and I’m rapidly approaching the wispy, old-lady kind of hair. :frowning: :frowning: I hate it. I wouldn’t look good bald. My ears stick out, and I’ve got a weird dent in the back of my head.

I’ll probably start checking out wigs at some point. Cripes.

It’s this kind of crap I hate about getting older – all the little niggling things that start to wear you down.

Humm - well I’ve had my hair very short and looked like a 14 year old boy. I assume if I was bald it would be the same, only moreso. Although I could have all sorts of weird lumps and bumps on my head that I don’t know about, so I think I’ll hold off.

FWIW - I don’t think it’s the head shaving that’s making people think Brittney is nuts, I think it’s all the pooter flashing, child dropping, rehab in and out checking that’s making people think she’s nuts. The hair shaving is just the icing on the cake. I mean she runs around going why don’t people leave me alone! And then flashes her pooter and shaves her head. That’s some serious pathology, if you ask me. (not that youdid)_

I think my head looks too small for my frame, so if it was hairless, it would look even smaller. Of course, at the rate it’s thinning, I may be bald before too long anyway.

My hair is my greatest (really, my only) vanity. I would be too scared to cut it short, much less shave it off. Besides, from feeling my skull I suspect that I have a lumpy head.

I got a friend to shave my head when I was 23. My then boyfriend thought I looked scary - I overheard him telling someone - but was nice about it to my face. I could only pull it off because I was young and slim at the time, but it definitely wasn’t my best look. If I did it now (20 years later) it’d be more than hideous.

It was just something I wanted to get out of my system, having admired a girl at school who was bold (heh) enough to do it at the age of 15. She walked into the schoolground with a scarf round her head, sat down with her friends and slowly removed the scarf. I thought she was the coolest. :rolleyes:

I let my hair grow out immediately, it got a bit tiresome to have to reassure people that I wasn’t ill or even that there was some obscure religious reason for it. During those few weeks I think I got more attention from strange men than at most other times in my life, mainly homophobic insults in the street though.

(Un?)Fortunately, no photos survive of that time.

When I was a kid with chicken pox, I scratched the only place I didn’t have to worry about scarring-my scalp. So If I had no hair, I’d look like a victim of radiation sickness and the pox. An interesting combo of the modern and medieval, to be sure.

I wear my hair very short, like pixie short (above the ears and nape of the neck), so going bald in theory wouldn’t be that big of a stretch. But even if my hair is short it’s long enough to cover my head, and who knows what my head looks like underneath there? Could be lumpy as a bowl of day-old oatmeal.

Plus except in the summer I am puh-asty white, and I’m not sure how attractive a shiny blindingly white head would be.

I didn’t think of that, but now I’ve got to wonder about that too. The skin revealed when I part my hair is ghastly pale.

If I were going to shave my head, would a tanning bed help? I don’t know if enough UV would filter through my hair, but I’m sure this has to be something that has been thought of and adressed in some fashion before now.

Like others have mentioned about their own locks, I am very vain about mine.* I get compliments daily, and spend more than the average amount on haircare (most likely). Would I be attractive without it? I’m certain there’s someone out there that might find me so, but I would consider myself hideous.

  • This, naturally, means that all my hair will fall out soon in some Greek Tragedy-style fashion.