Female genitalia and genetics

I can easily find article upon article discussing whether penis size is inherited from either the mother or father, buy none discussing the hereditary nature of the external appearance of female genitals. Does anyone have any information on this?

The vast majority of traits are not inherited from only one parent, but from both. And even with a simple single variable like size, you’re usually going to find a bunch of different genes influencing it, all the more so when you’re talking about something as vague as “appearance”.

A big bunch of different genes. Human genitals, male and female, are second only to the human face in variability.

Choices & more choices… ain’t it grand?

Is Apple working on genital recognition software?

The story of the Oxford students skinny-dipping when a boatload of young ladies rows by. Everyone grabs their clothes and holds them in front of their crotch except one fellow, who holds them in front of his face. The others ask why he did that…
He says “I don’t know about you guys, but around this town I’m recognized by my face.”

I hate to tell you guys, but female genitals are nothing to write home about. As far as looks, I mean.

( altho’ they have other redeeming qualities)

Some people would say the same about male genitals.

I disagree with you about the female variety, however.

I think I inherited my penis size from my mother.

yes. Tell us about the power of female genitals.

Dear Mom and Dad

Working on? It’s been working on iPhones for the past 3 years, if you’ve been trying at all.

You can butt dial. Whole other thing, I guess.

Loose lips sink …

No you ditint!!

On the first point: um, you can? Please point me to these studies. Beside which, in my case at least my penis resembles my father’s a lot more than my mother’s. On the question: try real hard to imagine what kind of academic would research or what purse would fund such a study. I’ve been gone too long guys, I can’t remember where the button is for dishonest curiosity…

Genitalia are just like people. Most aren’t all that special or nice to look at but every now and then…

Then you haven’t looked at many. Or maybe you haven’t had luck in finding a pretty one. I mean, penises are generally ugly, but I know there are some pretty ones out there.

That awkward moment when you have to type “penis” into your web browsing history to find what you’ve searched… here you go:

There was more (one directly from an education institution) but for some strange reason I can’t seem to locate them. Finding anything that specifically focuses on vulvas and which side of the family you get it from OTOH, turns up absolutely nothing through Google. Which I find strange since female genitals are so much more varied in their appearance than male genitals, IMO.

Another thing I’m curious about is whether genes determine your propensity for developing sexual disorders. Like if your father had ED, are you more likely to develop ED?

There was no way I was going to pass this thread by without opening it.

Responding to post 18: You’re so right. As a woman I haven’t had a huge experience. But, as a woman I have my own and I have heard talk. It ain’t pretty folks. Just saying.
In the throes maybe you…oh, nevermind…