Feminizing male names

Is there any female equivalent to the name Peter? Other than some clumsy suffix like Peteretta, or the like? And of various schemes for feminizing names (-etta, -ina, -ita, etc.), is there a consistant grammar for which method you use?

You mean, like Petra?

Or maybe Peta?

No, there isn’t. I know someone very well who is named after her father – “Vincentia Josephine”. These things are decided on a case-by-case basis, often using the rules of different foreign languages.

Check any modern baby names book. They give dozens of variants for each name. Every possible ending/spelling/derivation is used. There’s no rhyme or reason.

There’s also Petronella, if you’re fond of the original Latin.

and if it doesn’t bother you that folks will be thinking of insect repellent every time introductions are made!

Not that I’m aware of but if you have a girl and you want to name her Peter then do it. So many names become gender neutral after awhile. I’ve known women named Douglas, Michael, Morgan, etc. My name is gender neutral in Ireland but not so much in the States.

From: Directory of Feminine Names - Choosing the Right Baby Name and Name Meaning

Feminine form of Peter. From the Greek petros or the Latin petra meaning stone. The name is therefore given the meaning solid and reliable Other spellings: Petrea

Is there a feminine form of Pierre in French? I can’t think of one offhand.

Peta has a Native American origin. It’s not taken from a masculine form of Peter, it just sounds like it.

Petronella may not be for everybody. Please consult your linguist before attempting to name your child, and always name your child responsibly.


The Italian version - Pietra

I believe one is Perrine.



Ironically, pierre ‘rock’ is a feminine noun.


Minor hijack: I know two females named Peter. What gives?