Fenway Question

Just got back from Boston…while I was there I went to the Red Sox/Yankees game at Fenway on Sunday.

Here’s the question…I saw several people escorted out of our section by Fenway staff for apparently doing nothing more than cheering for the Yankees. Granted, this tended to cause reactions from Red Sox fans that were, well, a bit impolite to say the least. Were they actually removed from the park, or maybe just moved to another section?

As a Red Sox fan myself, I throughly enjoyed the “Yankees suck” chants and the rude retorts, but it does seem kind of harsh to throw Yankees fans out of Fenway for cheering for the Yankees. Part two of the question is does this happen with other teams, or is it due to the rivalry between the Sox and the Yankees?

I don’t know, but did you know that “fen” means a marsh, and that “Fenway Park” is named because it sits near a marsh? Or maybe not.

That may have been secretly drinking booze, and the loyal and good fans of Boston reported this foul and immoral behavior to the local law enforcement officers. Because they were yelling.

Fenway security can eject anyone for virtually any reason. They have had a lot of problems with drunken Red Sox fans over the years, so they have what amounts to a zero-tolerance policy for rowdiness. Nothing good can come of Yankees fans taunting Red Sox fans. I’m sure the security guards weren’t anxious to rbeak up any fights. Here’s an excerpt from the list of stadium policies:

When I was at college in Boston, my friends and I would often pick up cheap tickets when there was nothing better do to. I’m not a baseball fan, but it was a fun way to pass a few hours. Security never bothered us about “upgrading” our seat assignments, but geez, wear a trenchcoat to a game just once and they’re all over ya! :smiley:

I just have to take a second to commend the Fenway fans, security was either well hidden or non-existent.

I went up to Fenway 2 seasons ago with 3 other Yankee fans wearing our teams colors for a weekend series. We sat in the bleechers with Boston’s Hoi Polloi for both games and had no problems. Not one fight, very few Babe Ruth & Sparky Lyle references, not even an ounce of beer flying our way.

I only wish I could say the same thing about what goes on in NY. I’ve seen Coyboys fans get the snot knocked out of em at the Meadowlands and Red Sox fans get literally thrown out of the bleechers at Yankee Stadium.

I’d have to go with well-hidden…and QUICK. I was amazed at how quickly they were there.

I second that commendation of the Red Sox fans…but kudos also to the Yankee fan on Sunday who reacted to heckling from Sox fans by standing up and taking a picture of them shooting birds at her… :cool: Then Fenway staff escorted her out.

Irrelevant but funny…a guy behind us was visiting from Detroit and said that if they threw as many people out there no one would be left. :smiley:

I am, as a New Englander, biased, but I have to agree with the commendations (in general) to Sox fans. Yankee fans are always, in my experience, tolerated at Fenway. The one time I, a Sox fan, attended a Sox/Yanks game at Yankee Stadium, I was physically threatened because I dared to wear a non-Yankee cap and cheer for the Sox (not obnoxiously, mind you, and not making a big show of it; just keeping to myself). I know this is just an isolated incident, but I’ve never seen anyone physically intimidated or threatened in Fenway, regardless of their allegiences.

I also realize that all this is quite tame in comparison to the fierce allegiences of many European soccer fans, for example, where there is actual violence over which team one supports. Mostly, the Sox/Yanks thing is good natured and friendly, but I had to agree with those who salute Sox fans for their tolerance of Yanks fans, no matter how obnoxious.

So, in short, no, the person was not kicked out just for being a Yankees fan. Since New York is relatively close to Boston (driving distance, anyway), there are always plenty of New York fans in Boston during a Sox/Yanks series. And vice versa, I’m sure, though I for one will never attend another game in hallowed Yankee Stadium due to my past experience there. I’m sure I won’t be missed…

You’re right – a fen is, essentially, a marsh. Most of the Fenway neighborhood, as well as the Back Bay (Kenmore Square to Charles Street), was a marsh until the mid 1800s when it was filled in.

An interesting sidenote: Trinity Church in Copley Square has always had problems with the foundation since it was built. The used to send a rowboat down to “the depths” to check the water table. I have no idea if they still do it.